Unlock ZK For Web3

Findora is a Layer-1 blockchain that accelerates mainstream adoption through powerful zero-knowledge solutions and SDKs.


Game Specific Chains!

Findora launched Game Specific Chains (GSCs), new subnets providing an optimal environment for zero-knowledge Web3 gaming. 

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Own Your Web3 Data

Web3 is about ownership that should not be limited to holding or transferring your digital assets.

Findora’s mission is to empower users to control the visibility of their on-chain data through zkDapps because users should have control r personal information.

Part of ownership is being able to decide what aspects of your data and assets you choose to disclose.

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Findora's Technology

Findora provides Solidity developers a way to easily build zkDapps that are EVM compatible through APIs, SDKs, and application-specific subnets.

Access our documentation and learn about Findora's architecture, cryptography, SDKs, and more.

Technical Highlights

EVM Compatibility

A series of RESTful APIs and zkSDKs power an ecosystem of EVM-compatible applications and assets.


Findora’s zk toolkits empower solidity developers to build zk functions into the dApps, games, and platforms.

Efficient Circuits

A highly efficient zk foundation that features Bulletproofs and TubroPLONKs for fast proofs and low network fees.

Horizontal Scalability

Deploy modular subnets that can be tailored to the needs of specific dApps for extensive horizontal scalability.

Dual Chain Architecture

Findora combines an EVM ledger for compatibility with a UXTO ledger optimized for zk operations. Leverage either layer as you build dApps with selective transparency.

By delivering advanced zkSolutions, Findora prepares Web3 for mass adoption, empowering developers to protect users and comply with regulations.

Powered by FRA

The network is powered by FRA, the native token of Findora.

Take advantage of low fees on Findora.

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Stake FRA

Stake your FRA to earn rewards while securing the network. Learn more about staking, Findora’s tokenomics, and more.

Findora Wallet

Download the Findora Wallet on desktop or mobile to move assets between the EVM and zk ledgers with Prism Transfer. Issue custom tokens, send confidential transactions, and stake UTXO FRA.



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Our blogs and videos keep the community updated on ecosystem growth, technology improvements, and the progress of zk in Web3.

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Your feedback and support is critical to the success of any blockchain project, and Findora is no different. Join our growing communities to share your thoughts, meet like-minded people, and unlock the power of zk in web3.





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