The Findora Testnet is currently in beta release. All testnet related inquiries should be sent to Please refer to our terms of use before joining the testnet.

Experience the power of Findora on Testnet

On the Findora Testnet, you can:

Create confidential assets
Create your own digital wallet
Send confidential transactions and assets
Create privacy-preserving financial applications

Getting started

Block Explorer

View testnet transactions and validators

Wallet Download

Download the proof-of-stake (PoS) Testnet wallet below

How to connect to the testnet
1. Click ‘Settings’ in the left menu of the wallet
2. Click ‘Manage’ in the ‘Network’ option
3. Set the following information:
    Network Node Nickname: testnet
    Network Node URL:
    Blockchain Explorer URL:

Testnet Faucet

After downloading the Testnet wallet, request FRA Testnet tokens from the faucet located on the Discord channel


See detailed instruction on setting up a validator on the Findora Wiki