The Findora Testnet is currently in beta release. All testnet related inquiries should be sent to Please refer to our terms of use before joining the testnet.

Experience the power of Findora on our testnet now

On the Findora Testnet, you can:

Create confidential assets
Create your own digital wallet
Send confidential transactions and assets
Create privacy-preserving financial applications

Getting started

Build financial applications

Using the JavaScript library, developers can access the underlying RESTful interface and build privacy-preserving applications that run over the Findora ledger.

Interact with the command-line interface

Findora’s more advanced features can be accessed using the command-line tool, including policies and selectively disclosable user identity/credentials. The command line can also be used to request information from the query server or validator logs.

Ready to get involved?

For more in depth information about the Findora testnet, please read the official documentation.