Findora’s Technology

Learn about the technology that enables Findora’s confidential and auditable blockchain

Prove Anything, Reveal Nothing

Findora’s features are enabled by a toolbox of highly efficient zero-knowledge proofs and other advanced cryptography including homomorphic encryption and authenticated data structures, specifically tailored to be as efficient as possible for our applications. Some are based on peer-reviewed inventions by Findora’s research team, such as Bulletproofs and Supersonic. In addition to built-in features, a general toolkit is provided to users and developers for flexible use custom applications.

In Findora transactions, the assets, amounts, policies and other details remain confidential using zero-knowledge proofs
Findora uses audit-specific view keys and selective reveal so that users stay compliant while retaining privacy.
Findora can process thousands of private transactions per second.
Multiple instances of Findora ledgers can interoperate together to form a network, enabling them to transact cross-ledger.