About Findora

Findora is the world’s leading Zero Knowledge smart contract platform and arguably the first of its kind. It is a globally trusted Web3 privacy infrastructure that enables smart contracts preserving individual and institutional privacy.

A Zero-Knowledge technology powerhouse founded in 2018 by a team of leading academics, expert engineers and entrepreneurs, including John Powers, former CEO of Stanford’s $25 billion endowment fund, today Findora is accessible to anyone in the world, whether individuals, small and medium developers, or industry giants.

Findora’s Mission

Scaling Ethereum Privacy. Findora’s mission is to work with all Web3 infrastructure providers including Ethereum and its equivalent networks, to scale otherwise unavailable privacy functions; to bring auditable private transactions and private computation into smart contracts in a Plug-N-Play fashion. Findora aims to be the universal privacy oracle services to catalyze mass adoption of blockchain based financial services, NFTs, games and other use cases.


Findora is an inclusive and democratic community governed by its stakeholders and constituents. We are always seeking passionate and talented people to join our contributing teams across three continents.

Paul Sherer

F.I.R.S.T. Director of Findora Foundation

Managing Director, VantagePoint Funds

Managing Director, Roberston Stephens

Stanford MBA

Warren Paul Anderson

CEO at Discreet Labs

Product Lead, Ripple

Co-founder & Head of Product, Hedgy

Harvard & Northwestern University


Peter Abilla

Chief Business Officer at Discreet Labs

VP of Growth, Harmony

VP of Growth Marketing & Community, Thundercore

Community and Developer Marketing, Oasis

Weikeng Chen

Chief Scientist at Discreet Labs

Applied ZKP & MPC

PhD in Cryptography, UC Berkeley

David Lin

VPE at Discreet Labs

Senior Director, ThunderCore

CTO, ZeroLabs

Giv Parvaneh

VP of Developer Relations at Discreet Labs

Lead Blockchain Engineer, Harmony

Serial entrepreneur and CTO


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