Become a Findora Validator

Validators on Findora contribute to consensus and participate in network governance based on their staked amount of FRA. The top 100 staked validators earn block rewards for proposing and signing blocks on the network.

Findora is a permissionless, public blockchain with programmable privacy. No special permission or authorization from anyone is needed to operate a Findora validator on Testnet or Mainnet. Validator operators can set up, and manage their servers via Findora CLI.


Increase network security through decentralization by running a validator on Mainnet. Help test new releases and increase network stability by running a validator on Testnet.

Protect Privacy

Generate and verify zero-knowledge proofs using the Bulletproofs protocol for private transactions.

Earn FRA

Staked validators earn FRA by proposing and signing blocks and are paid via a coinbase minting transaction enforced by the protocol. Users can delegate their staked FRA to validators of their choosing, and split block rewards.


Delegators vote on which validators get to participate in consensus. Both validators and delegators will get voting rights over the Findora network.

Democratize Findora by Becoming a Delegator

Delegators on Findora can vote on which validators to participate in consensus by delegating their staked FRA to validators of their choosing. Delegators split block rewards with validators to earn FRA.

Delegators can set up, and manage their delegations via the Findora desktop wallet, Findora w, or any other staking platform that supports delegation on Findora.

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