Welcome to the Proof of Privacy Podcast

with Sam Harrison, CEO of Discreet Labs

Join Sam and his guests as they discuss how privacy plays a pivotal role in the blockchain and Web3 space.

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Proof of Privacy
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Welcome to the Proof of Privacy Podcast with Sam Harrison, CEO of Discreet Labs, the core contributor of Findora.

In the Proof of Privacy podcast, Sam and guests highlight why privacy is important, what privacy really means when it comes to the human condition, and why the debate around data brokers and personal data security is missing a fundamental aspect of what it really means to “Expect Privacy”.

Sam also discusses how new technologies like the blockchain, new industries such as Web3 and products like non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies and others can help individuals recapture control of their own privacy.

Latest Episode

Kyle Gordon is Director of Business Development of Wagyu Games, the publisher of Undead Blocks.

Wagyu Games is leading the charge on Kill-to-Earn Gaming. Their flagship product, Undead Blocks, is a multiplayer zombie survival game where you can play with friends and participate in tournaments to earn $ZBUX, which can be used to collect rare weapons and character skins. Undead Blocks seeks to address the well-established problem within the gaming industry: the one-sided value exchange between gamers and game creators.

Gamers will invest their time, money and effort into their favorite titles with little to no ability to generate value from their work.

However, by tokenizing in-game assets as NFTs, blockchain based gaming allows players to own, retain and financially benefit from their in-game performance.

Sam and Kyle talk about the NFT craze from 2022 including the issuance of a collection from Donald Trump, the evolution of the blockchain gaming industry throughout the overall crypto winter and how privacy and surprise can impact the gaming experience.You can play Undead Blocks on Mac, PC and mobile gaming.

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Past Episodes

Why Privacy Matters

Why should you care about privacy? We should care because privacy is about protecting our dignity – key parts of our human nature. It’s about choosing who we are and with whom we’ll have relationships – deciding how much of ourselves we choose to share with the people we come in contact with.

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