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Findora is a decentralized, privacy-preserving smart contract platform. Build the next privacy dApp with world-leading zero-knowledge technology on Findora.


Findora’s unique product offering provides the privacy solution for any smart contracts with scalability, ease of use and decentralized security.

Findora X

A series of integral toolkits, including restful APIs, privacy SDKs, and infrastructure for EVM-compatible applications and assets.

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Findora OG

The original UTXO-based chain with privacy-preserving features and programmability via WASM VM after our scheduled refactoring.

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Findora ZK

A highly-efficient, privacy-centered ZK-rollup solution optimized for private transactions, featuring EVM compatibility.

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Findora CR

A zk-DID credentialing system that empowers users with ownership of their data and selective disclosure of their identity.

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Key Highlights


Mask sensitive information such as transaction amounts and token type with zero-knowledge proofs that are validated on-chain.


All information on the Findora Network will be fully auditable and selectively disclosable. Users can prove financial transactions are correct and compliant without revealing sensitive information.


Projects and platforms have multiple ways to integrate with Findora, such as leveraging Findora X, the EVM-compatible smart chain, or using a plug-n-play method for native privacy. 


Breakthroughs in cryptography and hardware acceleration enable swift transactions through Bulletproofs and Turbo-Plonk optimized for proof generation, verification, and compressed proof sizes. 

Apply for a Grant with Findora Foundation

The Findora Foundation is dedicated to growing the Findora ecosystem an providing the support its expanding community of developers need to launch their products and reach escape velocity.

The Foundation has committed $100 Million over the course of the next several years to fund a grant program open to those looking to build innovative applications and deploy them on the Findora blockchain.


Yellow Submarine is the world’s first dApp for private cross-chain transactions. It provides a one-stop-shop to privately transfer crypto assets. Featuring a simple user interface, a user can deposit any supported asset on Ethereum through Metamask, then withdraw the same amount in another asset from a different chain without leaving a publicly visible trail.

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