Build your Web3 applications

on Findora with support from the

Findora Foundation.

The Findora Foundation is dedicated to growing our ecosystem and providing the support its expanding community of developers needs to launch their products and reach escape velocity.

The Foundation has committed $100 Million over the course of the next several years to fund a grant program open to those looking to build innovative applications and deploy them on the Findora blockchain. Along with a grant comes technical support, co-marketing, and a commitment to providing our grantees with the tools they need to succeed.

Grant Recipients Announced in:

Findora Foundation will begin announcing its latest round of grant recipients at the last month of each quarter.

Apply for a chance at securing a grant and receive technical support, co-marketing, and more!

The next round of grant recipients will be officially announced in…


The Findora Foundation created a grant program to encourage

applications that use the Findora blockchain and its unique

zero-knowledge technologies to grow its ecosystems of

applications with privacy in mind.

What is the Findora

Foundation Looking For?

Findora Foundation wants launches, ports, and integrations of unique applications. Findora offers unique features that can help power privacy use cases along with co-marketing and technical support. We encourage applicants to highlight how privacy supports their project in the application.

Preference will go to ports that meaningfully use Findora’s unique features and with a clear vision for how to grow and continue to support the users of their application on Findora.

What the Findora Foundation IS NOT Looking For.

The Foundation is dedicated to increasing the adoption and usage of blockchain technology.

Applications that are simple “copy and paste” from other chains that do not bring additional users or new functionality do not fit the goals of this grant program.

The Findora Foundation has two tracks from which you can

receive funding, you choose one or the other:

Findora Foundation has a general fund track from which you can receive grants. These grants are for applications that are more general and don’t necessarily use other integrated applications on Findora.

The Findora Foundation team will have the final say from which fund you will be receiving a grant.

As Findora Foundation partners with other protocols, the Findora Foundation will be setting aside a portion of the $100 Million fund to grow applications on Findora that both use Findora and the partner protocols.

These tracks will continue to grow and you can find more information here as Findora Foundation creates new tracks.

Ready to get started? Begin by completing the application.

Someone from the Findora Foundation will get back to you within 7 business days.

What’s the Process?

  • Applicant submits form
  • Application is quickly reviewed for fit, with a goal to respond to applicant within 7 business days
  • Technical Review Committee and Business Review due diligence
  • Go/No Go Vote
  • Decide on grant amount, budget review
  • Discuss grant amount, milestones, and distribution amounts per milestones with review committee and applicant *
  • Extend grant offer *
  • Draft and sign contract, including KYC/AML
  • Work with social and communications team for announce new grantee to community at end of quarter incl. AMA and other forms of engagement.
  • Form Discord/Telegram group for async conversations
  • Schedule 1/x per month check-in meetings if desired
  • Support through testnet, mainnet, go to market, and growth campaigns.
  • If needed, will help with partnership discussions, intros to sources of funding.
  • Grow, grow, grow.

* Grants are not official until both parties have agreed to the milestone terms and the appropriate contracts are signed.

Submission Periods

Grant recipients are announced each quarter.

Round 1

Feb • Mar

Grantees Announced

Mar 1 – 31

Round 2

Apr • May • June

Grantees Announced

June 1 – 31

Round 3

July • Aug • Sept

Grantees Announced

Sept 1 – 31

Round 4

Oct • Nov • Dec

Grantees Announced

Jan 1 – 31


Is Findora Foundation is a VC Fund?

No. Findora Foundation fully expects each applicant to raise non-Findora-originated funding either during the grant phase or in later stages of development. Findora Foundation is not a VC fund. Our goal is to grow the Findora ecosystem. So, if you are a grant hopper, this program is likely not for you.

Because Findora Foundation is not a VC Fund, our goal is to bootstrap projects, not provide growth capital – that is, Findora Foundation expects each grantee to raise outside capital.

These grants are dilution-free grants. They are one-time grants, disbursed against milestones.

How Much Are The Grant Amounts?

Grant amounts can range from $10,000 to $100,000.

Will the review committee reach out to discuss my application?

It depends.

The review process involves multiple rounds of internal review. If your application passes the first review round, the committee will likely require a few discussions with you as part of the negotiation process. It’s important the committee understands your comfort level with changes they propose for your application before final review.

No discussion is to be interpreted as a final offer or approval. Contracts are required and act as final approval for a grant.

Are Grants Paid in FRA or Stablecoin?

Grant payments will be made in stablecoin as grantees accomplish and proceed through their milestones.

By using stablecoin for payment to our grantees, we ensure the grants program does not affect the day-to-day operations of Findora Foundation and its governance token, which is managed separately.

Will I Receive a Response if My Application is Rejected?

All applications will receive a response regardless if it’s approved or rejected by the Foundation.   

Does My Project Need to Launch Exclusively on Findora?

No. The Foundation wants to see your project bring transactions and users to Findora, but we are not exclusionary. We understand that being multi-chain allows for projects to attract a wide variety of users, and we expect for project teams to help attract those community members to Findora.

Can I Receive Developer Support From Findora?

Yes. Developers are available to provide you with technical support as you build on Findora.

Join our Discord at and post your question to the #dev-chat channel. We have a contact list of engineers pinned to the channel who can help you with the protocol, cryptography, zero-knowledge, and more.

Note: Make sure to request a moderator for the Developer role when joining our Discord as the #grant-program and #dev-chat channels are protected to create a space exclusively for builders.

You Are a Business Owner, Not Just a Developer.

Findora Foundation will do its very best to support you. However, team members of the foundation also have other responsibilities.

The Foundation expects you to be self-sufficient and approach the building of your application on Findora as an entrepreneur – which means, you own the end-to-end product development including building, customer acquisition, marketing, promotion, distribution, and customer support.

How Else Can Findora Foundation Help?

While you are the ultimate person or team responsible for the success of your application on Findora, the Foundation is also willing to help, as appropriate and given team members are available to help. Here are ways in which the Foundation can help:

  • Token Economics: Provide advice on token economics of in-app or native token, where FRA is used as gas, but the app token is used for app-specific services.

  • Go-to-Market: Provide help in promotion to audiences Findora foundation has access to – Twitter, Reddit, etc. But the Foundation cannot do this all the time, but we are willing to as appropriate, but fully under the discretion of the Foundation. 

  • Your Own App Chain: Depending on the needs and usage of your application, you could qualify for your own app chain on Findora, where you don’t have to share resources with other applications and take full advantage of Findora’s privacy and consensus mechanisms as a default.

  • Campaign Help: Findora Foundation can brainstorm ideas and potentially help in areas such as subsidizing gas for users, etc., with a focus on growing users and keeping your customer acquisition costs at a minimum. 

  • Technical Guidance: Our developers are available in telegram, discord or if needed in zoom meetings. 

  • Legal, HR, Operations: We can advise and help as appropriate. But, again, as the business owner, you own this, but we will help as appropriate. 

  • Partner Networking: As you scale your solution and business, Findora Foundation is happy to introduce you to relevant partners that can help you in your journey. 

  • Follow-on Funding: We have relationships with venture capital funds and other sources of capital. We are happy to make introductions for projects that meet their criteria. We cannot do this in every case, but for high-potential projects we are happy to make the right introductions.   

Where Can I Ask Questions About the Grant Program?

Join our Discord at and post your question to the #grant-program channel. The Foundation monitors this channel and can be tagged if you have any questions.

Note: Make sure to request a moderator for the Developer role when joining our Discord as the #grant-program and #dev-chat channels are protected to create a space exclusively for builders.

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