Transforming Ethereum to the world’s largest private transfer network

Findora ZK is a highly-efficient, privacy-centered layer-2 solution for Ethereum that leverages Ethereum for consensus and validation. An Ethereum smart contract on the layer 1 will validate state transitions, through succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge (SNARKs), to verify the correctness of the layer-2 ledger. This layer-2 ledger will offer strong privacy guarantees for payments, like Findora OG, and provide interoperability with Ethereum through zero-knowledge proofs.

Dapps users create ZK proofs through Findora SDK

Rollup servers compress proofs together

Ethereum main chain batch-verifies Findora ZK layer2

Decentralized network provides data availability support


Findora has developed a special TurboPlonk proof system designed for verifiable state transitions in ZK-Rollup. This proof system makes hash functions several times faster than before. Combining it with proof-carrying data (PCD), Findora ZK can validate not just a large number of private payments, but also a large number of more sophisticated private computations, through ZK-Rollup.


Financial Privacy

Restoring financial privacy with interoperable zero knowledage assets

DeFi Privacy

Providing pricvacy-preserving composability within EVM for decentralized finance(DeFi) protocols

Public Chains

Boosting cryptographically verifiable interoperability among public chains

Use Cases

ETH Payment Services

Scale up Ethereum as a payment infrastructure and enable low fee private transfers to provide a viable alterntive to Visa, Master and SWIFT.

Privacy Preserving DEX

A revolutionary DEX that is fast and private to prevent front-running and protect trading strategies and transactional privacy. Works similar to the Dark Pool.

NFT Issuance and Marketplace

More NFTs can be made available on Ethereum with low fee and private provenances.

GameFi and SocialFi

The challenge of today’s GameFi and SocialFi calls for low fee and high throughput environment. Plus the ZK features enable in-game payments and identity txs.

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