The Ultimate Privacy Solution for ALL Smart Contract Platforms.

Privacy is so important for mass adoption of crypto needless to say. A scalable privacy preserving smart contract platform can unlock trillions of dollars of new value by moving most current financial transactions onto the blockchain among which are payments, securities and institution friendly lending.

Privacy was never scalable on Ethereum for many reasons among which are 1. the account based blockchain model has a heavy burden of state machine transition; 2. Ethereum doesn’t natively support some of the newer and more efficient elliptical curves and other cryptographic primitives; 3. Ethereum’s current PoW consensus is slow too. Previously proposed solutions such as Zether are all academic oriented and not practical enough.

Findora X represents a series of integral toolkits including Restful APIs and SDK and infrastructure to make Ethereum based assets and applications fully private.

Findora X is precisely engineered to integrate with Ethereum and its compatible networks to export Oracle-like privacy solutions with high scalability, ease of use and decentralized security. Ethereum assets (ERC20, ERC721 and more) can be privatized and transferred across Ethereum, any EVM-compatible chains bridged to Findora X and Findora OG.

Developers can take advantage of the Findora X APIs and SDK to convert, create, issue, transfer, revoke, burn and freeze assets with zero knowledge privacy. Or use Findora X’s rich array of precompiled Rust smart contracts, including Universal ZKP Verifier, to compose within their own smart contracts. Low gas cost and high scalability guaranteed.

*For every path from an EVM-compatible chain to Findora, assets can be transferred back to that EVM-compatible chain atomicaly along the same route.


High Throughput

Proof of Stake chain scaled to 6,000 TPS with UTXO tx parallelization and optimized storage layer. Further scalability upgradable with Findora ZK to move transactions onto L2.

Mutilchain Architecture

Multi-chain architecture combining high-throughput EVM-compatible environment and privacy preserving UTXO chain brings low-fee, scalability and ease of use to developers.

EVM Compatibility

Custom bridging to all major Ethereum (compatible) chains and precompiled ZKP smart contracts enable developers to build privacy-preserving dApps anywhere, including on Findora X.

Atomic Swap

Prism ++ – synchronous atomic swap enables instantaneous and secured multi-chain assets transfer.


Shielded asset creation, issuance, and ultra-fast transfer powered by Turbo-Plonk.


Confidential asset creation, issuance and transfer powered by light-weight Bulletproofs.

Use Cases

A little quirky thing to ship tokens underwater sonar proof。
Lend, borrow and earn on Poseidon.
Poseidon is the guardian of your asset and privacy.

Use Cases

Confidential Crosschain Transfers

Developers can use Findora X to create multi-chain bridges and dApps across Ethereum ecosystems that allow for private, cross-chain transfers, protecting trading strategies and capital allocations.

Private Decentralized Lending

A money market dApp on Ethereum can use Findora X to call in triple masking transactions from Findora’s UTXO-based layer to enable private lending and borrowing.

DAO Fundraising and Donations

Using Findora X, a DAO could raise funds from multiple chains and many liquidity sources without exposing their backers to discrimination or retaliation.


Yellow Submarine is the world’s first dApp for private cross-chain transactions. It provides a one-stop-shop to privately transfer crypto assets. Featuring a simple user interface, a user can deposit any supported asset on Ethereum through Metamask, then withdraw the same amount in another asset from a different chain without leaving a publicly visible trail.

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