The Original Zero-Knowledge Blockchain, the Starting Point of Web3 Privacy Layer

Findora has been researching and developing the world’s first high-throughput multi-asset zero-knowledge confidential blockchain since 2018. The result was the birth of Findora OG (mainnet beta) in 2021. Findora OG features an advanced cryptography library (ZEI), a custom UTXO model with optimized parallelization and extensive private transaction capabilities.



Findora OG capitalizes on cryptographic breakthroughs and zero-knowledge proofs to allow permissionless and trustless access. Transaction data can be verified off-chain even as all parties control and store their own data off-chain.


Communication through RESTful over HTTPS (ABI). Core functions are partitioned with modular architecture. Any parties can provide alternative implementations and additional services.

Identity Pre-wired

The Address Identity Registry (AIR) enables associating credentials and other information related to identity with Findora addresses. The binding attestation services via AIR are not publicly revealed thanks to the ZKP implementation.

Zero-knowledge Proofs

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: zero-knowledge proofs enable end users to control their own private information while retaining the ability to provide sufficient evidence to a counterparty or regulatory body.


Findora OG’s UTXO ledger is precisely optimized for processing stateless transactions and smart contracts, boosting the performance to tens of thousands per second.

WASM Enabled

WASM on pure Rust implementation of Findora OG and Zei lib ensures easy upgrade and future development for the entire ecosystem.

Findora Zei

Zei is Findora’s cryptography library.

Zei is a library that provides tools to create and verify public transactions with confidential data. Zei, is one of the most powerful and comprehensive libraries of cryptographic tools.

Use Cases

Keeping Payments Private

Companies can pay employees and contractors without revealing the amounts on the public ledger. That information could otherwise be exploited by malicious actors.

Private NFT Issuance

NFTs that represent sensitive information or a POAP at an important event could be sold and held without revealing the wallet addresses holding them.

DAO Fundraising & Payroll

DAOs could raise money without revealing their donors and pay contributors without exposing their identities if they wished to remain private.

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