Enabling ZK Identity Management & CRedentials for Web3

Findora CR is an example of what is possible with the Findora platform. Findora CR is a proposed method of allowing organizations to issue credential tokens that identify an individual or institution without revealing their specific identity. It’s a way to gain privileges and permissions without revealing who receives them.

By combining a decentralized identity (DID) management system on top of Findora’s existing privacy-preserving blockchain, a new suite of Web3 use cases becomes unlocked. Powered by advanced zero-knowledge cryptography for securing the privacy of on-chain identities and credentials data, use cases such as credit scores tied to a real identity, personal health care data, and supply chain data tied to a specific company can all be unlocked to bring Web3 to its next stage of evolution.

Create DID

Users, credential issuers, and verifiers can all generate their own DID

Issue Credentials

3rd party issuers can create trusted credential data tied to a DID

Verify Credentials

Verifiers, like dApps, can privately verify credentials and even the true identity connected to a DID


How it Works – Key-ID Mapping

The address identity registry links public key ledger addresses uniquely with IDs. The ID is the public key of a selectively disclosable identity form. The address identity registry functions similarly to ledger accounts, but is simplified specifically to map to unique IDs.

When the owner of the address is required to reveal selective identity information (as part of a transaction) linked to the address, the user generates the selective reveal proof for an identity form with ID and additionally proves that the entry registered to this address in the address identity registry is a randomization of the same ID included on the identity form. Neither proof reveals the actual value of the ID.



anyone to created DID


Credential issuers can create verifiable credentials linked to a Findora user’s DID.


Verifiers (i.e. dApps) can verify claims made by a credential without looking at the ID.

Use Cases

Managing Credit Score

Credit scores can be assessed and tracked through a Zk-DID rather than being associated with someone personal information protecting their information online.

Claiming Assets in GameFi

A player could prove ownership of an item or NFT without revealing either their profile or personal identity creating a safer environment.

Verifying Supply Chains

A product’s journey through a supply chain could be verified and proof given it came from the claimed source without every identity being collected

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