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The Wallet Application provides a user-friendly web interface to the basic features of the Findora Ledger. The wallet will enable the following functionality:


  • Create a new wallet – creates a local wallet
  • Open a wallet – resume working with a wallet, after entering a password
  • Add keys – add keys for working with assets
  • Define an asset – Define a new kind of asset featuring,
  • A fixed or updateable memo
  • Optional transfer restrictions
  • An optional limit on the number of units that can be issued
  • Optional co-signature requirements for issuance and transfer
  • An optional tracing policy
  • Issue an asset – Issue units of an asset. The number of units can be confidential
  • Transfer an asset – Move units of an asset to another user’s public key. The kind of asset and the quantity can be confidential
  • View wallet contents – Contents include transfer addresses, asset definitions, asset issued quantities, assets on hand, and transactions
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