Findora for Enterprise

Findora Enterprise offers customizable private-ledgers with built-in confidentiality. Seamless interoperability with other side-ledgers and the public Findora network is enabled using advanced cryptographic techniques.


Reduce Friction with Findora

Findora makes distributed ledger implementation practical for enterprises.


Detect fraudulent activities with audit-specific viewing keys and zero-knowledge proofs.

Identity Management

Findora’s Address Identity Registry connects credentials and identities with ledger addresses.


Findora private-ledgers are publicly verifiable, while keeping all user data confidential.

Pluggable Consensus

Findora’s enterprise solution can be run by a single operator, or be deployed among a network of operators using configurable consensus.

zkLDB: Zero-Knowledge Ledger Database

Findora’s zkLDB is an out of the box solution that supports confidential transactions and asset issuance, processing, verification, and storage. In addition, it comes preloaded with a wide suite of privacy-preserving audit tools that are fully-compliant and enable advanced auditability.

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