Build privacy-first applications on Findora with support from the Findora Foundation.

One important goal of the Findora Foundation is to grow the ecosystem and help it reach escape velocity. To that end, over $100 Million is committed to growing the ecosystem, supporting developers to build innovative dapps ano

Apply to the program where you think you can contribute the most:

The Ecosystem Grant Program funds development teams, community members and researchers to build a more robust, confidential, and impactful smart contract economy.

Developer Grants

Create Private dApps and Developer tools with Findora.

Findora X Pilot Program

marketers/bloggers/video makers can help educate and promote Findora.

Ambassador Program

The Findora Ambassador Program empowers you to participate in Findora’s ecosystem, #buidl with the community, and help with overall protocol development and governance.


FindoraDAO FindoraDAO FindoraDAO

Findora has been researching and developing the world’s first high-throughput multi-asset zero-knowledge confidential blockchain since 2018. The result was the birth of Findora OG (mainnet beta) in 2021. Findora OG features an advanced cryptography library (ZEI), a custom UTXO model with optimized

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