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Finance is plagued with pain points.

Millions of people remain unbanked globally, largely due to lack of access.

Financial services serve as remarkably inefficient intermediaries operating at a high cost and slow transaction speed.

The financial sector is the least trusted business sector globally, with only a 57% level of trust.

Fraud goes unchecked due to opaque management and lack of coordination in financial services.

Despite these major shortcomings, the financial industry handles a delicate balance of contradictions:

Confidentiality of sensitive financial data but also disclosure of that information among organizations. Financial institutions manage these responsibilities by building data silos and limited access sharing via costly intermediaries.

But we don’t believe in sacrificing equitability for function.

With Findora, we hope to achieve both. Public confidential state machine replication powered by zero-knowledge proof technology is Findora’s solution to building one common financial infrastructure. Financial institutions, businesses, and individual users can participate without security and privacy concerns.

This is Findora’s Vision of One:

One common ledger eliminates costly proprietary data silos and the burden of safeguarding financial data. Instead, capital investments can be better allocated to improving services and lowering the cost of financing.

One infrastructure lowers the barrier of entry into the finance industry.  More small to medium sized enterprises can enter, fostering competition, improving capital efficiency and more critically, reducing system risk.

One common ledger generates tremendous interoperability. For the first time, users themselves manage, authenticate, and authorize direct transfers and transactions of assets – the substantial first step towards a true user-centric global economic model.

Core Team

Charles Lu
Stanford, Binance Labs, Citadel, Facebook, AWS
Ben Fisch
Stanford Cryptography, Filecoin
Benedikt Bünz
Stanford Cryptography, Bulletproofs
John Powers
Former CEO Stanford Endowment
Fernando Krell
Columbia PhD, Cryptography
Nathan Yospe
SAP, Google, RealtyShares, Raytheon, SDI
Jonathan Bertoni
Google, Queue Computing
Noah Golub
Stanford CS, Facebook, Vest


Dan Boneh
Stanford Cryptography
Rosario Gennaro
Balaji Srinivasan
Coinbase, Counsyl,, Andreessen Horowitz

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