Introducing the new EVM Staking Portal

Introducing the new EVM Staking Portal

Stake FRA from MetaMask on the New Staking Portal

EVM Staking is finally live on Findora, making it easier than ever to earn rewards by securing the network. Users can now stake EVM FRA from the MetaMask wallet using the new staking platform without migrating tokens to the UTXO layer first. By eliminating the need to stake through the wallet, EVM staking improves the user experience and can help increase the total staked amount on the chain.

A widely requested feature, EVM Staking presented some unique challenges. No other project has tried to migrate staking on a UTXO ledger to an EVM ledger instead, and the initial rollout led to a number of bugs. We want to thank our community for sticking with us and being patient during that time.

But now, with the successful launch of EVM Staking, it is easier than ever to manage your stake on Findora as a delegator or validator. Let's dive into some of the details.

How it Works

Previously, staking logic on Findora was handled on the UTXO chain but now, that logic is contained in smart contracts on the EVM layer. This change carries two main benefits. The first is that the process to update the staking logic is now much more simple and can be done using Solidity, paving the way for community governance. 

The second benefit is that staking on Findora is now much easier for delegators. Users can continue staking from the Findora wallet, but they will also be able to stake using their MetaMask wallet on Findora’s new staking portal. Whether users stake UTXO FRA from the wallet or EVM FRA from MetaMask, they will be helping to secure the network and will earn the same rewards.

To facilitate consensus, the engineers of implemented a staking interoperability layer that will synthesize staking data from the UTXO and EVM ledgers and provide a unified data source for APIs.

The EVM Staking Portal

Part of the EVM Staking upgrade is a new web-based staking portal to use when staking from MetaMask. The portal improves the staking experience in a number of key ways.

For instance, the portal makes it much easier to see your staking portfolio at a glance, showing you the total amount of FRA you have, how much you’ve staked and unstaked, and any unclaimed rewards you may have. All unstaking transactions now appear with an unbonding countdown so users can track when their unbonding tokens are available. Users will also be able to see a breakdown of their current delegations based on the validators they are staking with.

Finding validators on the portal will be much easier than when using the wallet. The portal breaks down validators into Top 100, Online, and Offline categories and provides a search function.

Try it for yourself here.

Let Us Know What You Think

Obviously, the rollout has been bumpy, leading to some important internal changes. Please read our EVM Staking postmortem for details.

However, we are proud of the end result, which should make it easier to delegate FRA on Findora, hopefully making the network secure and benefiting our community validators.

Nothing is perfect, though, and we would love community feedback on the new staking portal on our various social media channels.

About Findora

Findora is a Layer-1 protocol delivering zero-knowledge solutions to Web3.

Findora integrates two ledgers into a single chain: an EVM ledger for interoperability and a UXTO ledger optimized for zk operations. This dual-layer architecture lets Findora encrypt blockchain data for programmable transparency and public use. By providing new use cases, Findora’s zk tech prepares Web3 for real-world adoption.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem. Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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