Sunsetting the Findora Grant Program

In October, 2021, the Findora Ecosystem Grant Program was launched to support research, development, liquidity and infrastructure projects on Findora.

As an inbound-reliant program, it became quite labor intensive and ended up hiding a fatal flaw: the general quality of inbound applicants were severely lacking.

During the first half of 2023, the team at Discreet Labs (in consultation with other members of the Findora ecosystem) reviewed over 117 separate applications. The review process included multiple hours of meetings with the applicant teams, performing due diligence on the team members, on the code and on the financial feasibility of the project itself.

Out of the 117 reviewed, only a handful were of sufficient quality to merit discussing a grant and even fewer made it all of the way to a mainnet release.

After two years of effort, continuing to commit resources to this program is unsustainable and – frankly – irresponsible. It is much wiser to turn these resources toward out-bound partnership work and focus on approaching high quality projects where our technology can offer a competitive advantage.

The Findora Ecosystem Grant Program has been officially closed. We would like to thank all of those who worked tirelessly to make it possible.