Introducing Enders Gate and zkGaming on Findora GSCs

Enders Gate on Findora GSC

Findora GSC and the zkGaming SDK will bring zkGaming to Web3

Trading cards, beautiful animations, and hand-drawn NFTs – Enders Gate won’t just be exciting to play; it’s a perfect example of what zero-knowledge proofs do for crypto gaming.

The first Game Specific Chain (GSC) partner, Enders Gate is a turn-based strategy card game where players build and compete with their battle decks. It is already on GSC’s testnet and is scheduled to deploy to mainnet on the week of August 21st. To promote the game and its GSC subnets, Findora has launched a Galxe campaign where community members can enter raffles and earn rewards by playing Enders Gate.

The launch of Findora’s GSC Network and Enders Gate on mainnet is more than a major ecosystem development. It’s a huge step forward for Web3 gaming. In Enders Gate, Findora proves that zero-knowledge proof times can be low enough for Web3 gaming.

Play Enders Gate, Earn Rewards!

Join Findora's Game Chain Challenges on Galxe to enter raffles and win rewards by playing and winning at Enders Gate.

“We have a bit of a past with the team who built Findora. We’ve been keeping tabs on their development plans, and as of recently, their move toward gaming really pushed us to seek a mutually beneficial partnership to grow together.”

– Enders Gate Spokesperson

“We’re excited to have a beautiful game like Enders Gate showcase what GSCs can do. Tech must be paired with the right partners, and Enders Gate is in a great position to not only explode in players but show crypto gaming developers what is possible with ZK.”

– Sam Harrison, Discreet Labs CEO

Entering through the Enders Gate

Set in an ancient world long lost to human memory, Enders Gate is a fantasy game of magic and strategy brought to life by NFT playing cards and hand-drawn art. Uniquely, they will soon publish a physical comic book to help illustrate and collect the lore of the game.

Enders Gate was created by 5Head Games, a studio on a mission to “do cool stuff on blockchain.” Through permissionless blockchains, Enders Gate is designed to give players a familiar experience of classic gaming economies but without the usual restrictions. Their team is made up of gamers who know the importance of making games fun, and who intend to be around in the Web3 space for years to come.

Why Build on Findora?

Findora’s new zkGaming SDK was key

in Enders Gate’s decision to build on the network. Two big issues have faced Web3 gaming developers: long-block times and the transparency of open ledgers. 

Latency due to long block times is a well-known issue for Web3 games, but what is wrong with transparent ledgers? Imagine playing poker but knowing everyone’s cards. Or imagine League of Legends on a completely transparent map – transparency would hurt the experience.

The “fog of war” is a key element in almost all games, either in person or online. From Settlers of Catan to Among Us, games need an element of surprise.

In blockchain, what enables that element of surprise is provided by “hidden state ledgers,” a fancy phrase for ledgers that are selectively transparent, not fully. With Findora’s zkGaming SDK, on-chain data can be hidden until the exact right moment to reveal it. As a result, all kinds of games can now be played fully on-chain that previously would have been impossible to build. Enders Gate is a prime example.

In Enders Gate, two individuals with battle decks must face off. However, knowing the order of the card decks or seeing what is in your opponent’s hand would defeat the need for strategy. Cards must be drawn randomly, and the composition of the battle decks must be hidden on-chain, even if the cards are NFTs. Findora’s GSC made that possible, allowing 5Head Games to build exactly the kind of game they wanted.

As the Enders Gate team says, “We've been keeping tabs on their [Findora’s] development plans, and recently, their gaming subnet really pushed us to seek a mutually beneficial partnership to grow together.”

Findora’s GSC Challenges Campaign with Enders Gate

Enders Gate is slated to go live on the week of August 21st. Once they do, community members will be able to join the GSC Challenges Campaign on Galxe, where players can win raffles by playing and winning bouts on Enders Gate. 

The campaign will give away $850 in prizes won by those who play or even win games on Enders Gate. There is also a bonus reward people for those who invite their friends to play with them. For instructions on how to access Findora’s GSCs or how to play Enders Gate, go to Findora’s documentation or find more details here. You can join the campaign now and get a head start on social tasks by clicking the button below.

What’s Next for Web3 Gaming

In the near term, Enders Gate plans to host weekly battle tournaments and launch AI-powered opponents with varying difficulties. They are also currently working on mobile versions of their game for iOS and Android, and aim to publish their comic book in the coming months. There are also rumors of a surprise partnership with a major superhero brand as well!

In the long run, they aim to offer increasingly valuable prizes to their tournaments, continually update the game, and expand to other zk-enabled EVMs networks.

We foresee Enders Gate being a huge part of Findora’s growing GameFi ecosystem. Their launch helps other games explore the possibilities of zkGaming in Web3. As the potential of zkGaming becomes clear, Enders Gate and Findora will be known for having pioneered what was possible in the space.

About Findora 

Findora is a Layer-1 protocol delivering zero-knowledge solutions to Web3.

Findora integrates two ledgers into a single chain: an EVM ledger for interoperability and a UXTO ledger optimized for zk operations. This dual-layer architecture lets Findora encrypt blockchain data for programmable transparency and public use. By providing new use cases, Findora’s zk tech prepares Web3 for real-world adoption.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem. Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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