Findora’s Prism++ Gains Serenity Shield as a Launch Partner!

Findora’s Prism++ Gains Serenity Shield as a Launch Partner!

Findora’s Prism++ Gains Serenity Shield as a Launch Partner

Serenity Shield is partnering with Findora to utilize Findora’s Prism++, a landmark milestone in bringing zk and selective transparency to NFTs and EVM tokens. Their flagship product, StrongBox®, will integrate with Prism++ as part of its data security solution, allowing for an additional layer of protection for users and securing their StrongBox® NFTs, which serve as digital access keys to unlock and recover user data from the StrongBox®.

“We are thrilled to partner with Findora and utilize their cutting-edge technology to enhance our StrongBox® solution. By integrating Findora’s Prism++ into our platform, we are taking a significant step forward in providing our clients with the highest level of security and confidentiality in their data management. This partnership underscores our commitment to position ourselves as a multichain consolidator, delivering innovative solutions that help users of web 3.0 to stay protected in an increasingly complex digital landscape.”

– Venket Naga, CEO of Serenity Shield.

This partnership brings together aligned visions for user data protection and security. Discreet Labs, a core contributor to Findora, is excited to work closely with Serenity Shield in helping the team integrate StrongBox® into Prism++. Partnering with Serenity Shield is a demonstration of how Findora’s zk technology can create selective on-chain transparency and provide the community with the necessary ingredients to enjoy a safer Web3.

“This is very exciting. Serenity Shield is an ideal partner to showcase the capabilities of Prism++. It is thrilling to work with a partner who is building a solution to real-world pain points. I am enthusiastic about the StrongBox® product, and I look forward to more use cases involving NFTs and confidentiality that reach beyond the existing crypto market.”

– Sam Harrison, CEO of Discreet Labs

Stay tuned for more information on Serenity Shield and the progress the partnership will bring to their StrongBox solution. Updates, live discussions, and more are planned as part of this new relationship between Discreet Labs and Serenity Shield.

About StrongBox®

StrongBox® is a decentralized application that provides users with a personal data storage and recovery solution on-chain. By utilizing NFTs and smart contracts, StrongBox® also allows its users to assign designated nominees to receive their secure, confidential data if and when they, the user, become unreachable for a predetermined period of time via a variety of contact methods.

NFTs are minted in the process of encrypting StrongBox® user data, later to be used to decrypt and access that same data. Using Prism++, these StrongBox® NFTs can be transferred to Findora’s zkLedger and securely stored with a layer of confidentiality not available elsewhere.

About Serenity Shield

Serenity Shield is a multichain decentralized applications (DApps) developer that promotes self-custody, data privacy, and ownership of digital assets.

It is committed to creating a secure service for all Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 wallet users to store, archive, transfer, and recover their sensitive data with a built-in inheritance option.

Serenity Shield’s flagship DApp, StrongBox®, enables individuals to reclaim control over their data, identity, and digital assets while protecting their loved ones and families.

Visit their website. Follow Serenity Shield on Twitter. Join them on Discord.

About Findora

Findora is a Layer-1 protocol delivering zero-knowledge solutions to Web3.

Findora integrates two ledgers into a single chain: an EVM ledger for interoperability and a UXTO ledger optimized for zk operations. This dual-layer architecture lets Findora encrypt blockchain data for programmable transparency and public use. By providing new use cases, Findora’s zk tech prepares Web3 for real-world adoption.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem! Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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