Findora’s 2023 Roadmap


Gearing Up for Growth

An updated Grants Program, augmented privacy functions, the Rosetta API – all this and more on Findora’s 2023 Roadmap.

We are excited to share Findora’s 2023 roadmap with the community. After a year of laying a solid foundation, Discreet Labs is focused on scaling the Findora blockchain, developing its ecosystem, and securing strategic partnerships.

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Findora’s 2023 Roadmap

Findora's Roadmap 2023

Highlights of Findora’s Roadmap

EVM staking

First stop, EVM staking! A feature eagerly anticipated by the community, it will let you stake FRA and earn rewards directly from a staking dashboard with your MetaMask wallet. Currently, only UTXO FRA can be staked after they’ve been transferred from MetaMask to the Findora Wallet via Prism. EVM staking will simplify the staking process for the Findora community. 

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“Triple-Masked” Transfers 

You can already protect the token amounts and token types used in a transaction with the Findora wallet – “Triple Masking” will take that a step further. Triple Masking is an internal term for shielding the sending address and receiving addresses, in addition to the token amount and token type. This will be a key tool for DAOs and dApps seeking to provide their users with the privacy they expect for their personal finances and open the door to many use cases for Findora.

Multisig Wallet Support

Users will soon have the ability to set up multi-sig wallets on Findora. This is a key feature for managing community funds, and in the future will be integrated with triple masking so DAOs can protect their contractors and community members.

On-Chain Number Randomizing

Findora will work with an established partner to launch on-chain number randomizing. This feature will be essential for Web3 game developers on Findora, leveraging Findora privacy to create unique gameplay.

Rosetta API

The Rosetta API lets blockchains easily integrate their blockchain with wallets, large exchanges, and apps. Adding the Rosetta API will empower developers, and set Findora up for increased adoption in Web3.

$100 Million Grants Program

Stay tuned for the imminent opening of Findora’s Grant Program! The Findora Foundation has pledged up to $100 million, over the course of several years, for the development of Findora’s ecosystem. All teams are welcome to apply: port an existing project, build a basic infrastructure dApp, or create a dApp with privacy in mind. More information on the Grants Program will be released in February. 

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Introducing ZK-NFTs with Prism++

Prism++ refers to a feature that will allow NFTs, typically confined to EVM environments, to migrate to Findora’s UTXO layer. The home of Findora’s zk-cryptography, the UTXO layer facilitates all privacy-enabled transactions. Moving NFTs to the UTXO will create privacy-preserving “ZK-NFTs” and open up a whole new set of use cases for NFTs in Web3.

Polygon Bridge to Findora

The Rialto Bridge team is getting close to deploying a path between Findora and Polygon. The bridge will open up Findora to liquidity from Polygon and allow Polygon-based assets to migrate to Findora for confidential transfers. Rialto already connects Findora with Ethereum and BNB Chain. 

App Chains

Findora will allow developers to deploy parallel app chains on Findora. With a dedicated chain for their app, developers will have complete freedom to develop according to their needs, balancing decentralization with through-put as needed, while still leveraging privacy features as needed. No need to share blockspace – build an app-chain with optional privacy features on Findora!

Auditability and Compliance Features

Initially proposed in FIP-2, Findora plans to deploy viewing keys to build auditability with privacy. Viewing keys will allow token issuers, like Circle, to create private assets only they can audit without making them public on-chain. They will be an essential tool for institutions, giving them the ability to move into Web3 and paving the way for mass adoption.

On-Chain Governance Voting

The community will soon play a much bigger role in Findora’s direction. An on-chain governance voting system will be deployed in 2023. FRA token holders will be able to vote on Findora Approval Proposals and other issues to determine the future of the chain.

Community Grant Approvals

Findora will also add a community grant, where projects can compete for funds from the community. The community will evaluate and vote on which projects they would like to see receive grant money.

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Leading the Charge

Leading the charge into 2023 is Discreet Labs’ new CEO, Sam Harrison. Sam will focus on growth and adoption. Sam is a charismatic leader who will play a key role in bringing roadmap items to fruition.

Sam Harrison CEO

2023 will be an exciting year for Findora as users and projects come to expect even more rigorous privacy protections from Web3 than from Web2. Findora is ready to give them exactly that.

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About Findora

Findora builds privacy through advanced zero-knowledge proof cryptography. An innovative layer-1, it combines a native UTXO ledger optimized for privacy with an EVM extension for programmability and interoperability. Developers can leverage either model as they build dApps with auditable privacy.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem. Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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