Findora Integrates Band Protocol


  • Band Protocol is the first oracle service to be integrated on Findora and is now live on its testnet.
  • BandChain Oracle data will be available to dApp developers building on the Findora Network.
  • The integration comes just in time to empower developers as Findora’s new grant program launches. Apply Here.
  • How to interact with BandChain on Findora — a technical primer.

Our Commitment to dApp Developers

We know there are many other building blocks for dApp development outside of the core protocol. One critical piece of infrastructure that we need for Findora developers are robust oracle solutions — and we’ve been hard at work to bring the best oracles onto our chain.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the integration of Band Protocol, the first oracle on Findora. As a layer 1 protocol, we feel its important to give our developer community access to scalable, cross-chain, and customizable oracle technology. Band Protocol fits that bill perfectly.

A Strategic Integration with Band Protocol

Our integration with Band gives developers an endlessly scalable option for accessing off-chain data on Findora, an impressive selection of data formats and types, and different ways of interacting with off-chain data based on the developer’s preferences – all unlocked through Band Protocol’s custom oracle scripts.

BandChain’s robust oracle data makes building all types of dApps possible on Findora including decentralized finance, games, prediction markets, and more. These can now be built without worrying about limited data availability, scalability issues or high transaction costs.

As the partnership advances, we hope to provide more support to teams using Band Protocol on Findora and work on and help teams take advantage of the full range of BandChain’s data. Through Band, developers aren’t limited to creating financial dApps on Findora – they can eventually create dApps that leverage real-world data, including weather, sports, or anything with an API endpoint.

Band Protocol is proud to integrate with and support Findora in its mission of creating a future for Web3 where privacy is expected. This integration, alongside their new grant program, will pave the way for developers to start building on the network and explore use cases that haven’t been possible before.

Sireethorn Satchatippavarn, CSO of Band Protocol

A Strategic Integration with Band Protocol

Because Findora is a general-purpose chain, the options are endless for dApp developers. Building on Findora makes the most sense for dapps that require fast finality, low gas costs, and privacy functions. 

Findora’s dual-chain architecture combines the flexibility of an EVM with the privacy-enhancing capabilities of its UTXO chain. Developers will have all the variability of an EVM, but with auditable privacy and selective data disclosure. With the integration of BandChain oracle data on Findora, dApp developers will have access to any external data source or API with low fees and instant finality.

The Band team is awesome. We’ve been impressed by their technology and their commitment to helping developers and partners. Integrating Band oracles on Findora has been surprisingly easy, which is great because it allows us to focus on developer needs instead of spending time and resources on integration. Their focus on being multi-chain is aligned with our own goal of bringing privacy to all of Web3. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future.

— Sam Harrison – Discreet Labs, CEO

Key features of Band Protocol include:

Scalability & Efficiency

Band Protocol leverages an independent high-performant blockchain, BandChain, for all oracle computations including data sourcing, aggregation, updates, and settlement. This mitigates any dependencies or limitations of having an oracle network on a congested blockchain such as Ethereum which has proven to stall data updates and incur exorbitant operational costs.

Cost-Efficient & Timely Data

Being built on the Cosmos-SDK, BandChain can handle thousands of transactions per second with a short block time of approximately 3 seconds. This means if Findora developers require cost-efficient frequent data updates or real-time feeds, they will finally have an oracle solution that has the capability of meeting these needs without paying large gas fees.

Customizable Decentralized Oracles

Developers using Band Protocol have the ability to create fine-tuned decentralized oracles connecting to any external data source or API with custom updates and security parameters. Assuming that, this means that Findora smart contracts can theoretically tap into any data type including price feeds, weather, flight, and real-world events.

Apply for a Grant — Utilize Band Protocol on Findora

We invite small teams and developers everywhere to bring their most creative ideas, apply for a grant, and build an app on Findora utilizing Band Protocol starting February 1st. There are so many different applications you could build using the data that Band makes available to layer 1 chains like Findora. The sky — and your creativity — is the only limitation!

Using Band Protocol on Findora

To see our documentation for using Band Protocol on Findora, check our documentation here.

To query prices from Band Protocol’s StdReference contracts, the contract looking to use the price values should reference Band Protocol’s StdReference contract. This contract exposes the getReferenceData and getReferenceDataBulk functions.

These can be imported via the IStdReference interface.

import interfaces/IStdReference.sol


The ReferenceData struct is defined as:

struct ReferenceData {

uint256 rate;

uint256 lastUpdatedBase;

uint256 lastUpdatedQuote;


where the struct variables:

  • rate is defined as the base/quote exchange rate multiplied by 1e18.
  • lastUpdatedBase is defined as the UNIX epoch of the last time the base price was updated.
  • lastUpdatedQuote is defined as the UNIX epoch of the last time the quote price was updated.



  • The base symbol as type string
  • The quote symbol as type string


  • The base quote pair result as type ReferenceData


For example, if we wanted to query the price of BTC/USD, the demo contract below shows how this can be done.

import interfaces/IStdReference.sol

contract Demo {

IStdReference public ref;

constructor(IStdReference _ref) public {

ref = _ref;


function demo() external view returns (IStdReference.ReferenceData memory) {

return ref.getReferenceData(“BTC”, “USD”);



The result from demo() would yield:

ReferenceData(23131270000000000000000, 1659588229, 1659589497)


  • rate = 23131.27 BTC/USD
  • lastUpdatedBase = 1659588229
  • lastUpdatedQuote = 1659589497


getReferenceDataBulk takes two lists as the inputs, the base and quote symbols. The return value is ReferenceData[].


  • An array of base symbols as type string[]
  • An array of quote symbol as type string[]


  • An array of the base quote pair results as type ReferenceData[]


For example, if we wanted to query the price of BTC/USD and ETH/BTC, the demo contract below shows how this can be done.

import interfaces/IStdReference.sol

contract DemoBulk {

IStdReference public ref;

constructor(IStdReference _ref) public {

ref = _ref;


function demo_bulk() external view returns (IStdReference.ReferenceData[] memory) {

return ref.getReferenceDataBulk([“BTC”,”ETH”], [“USD”,”BTC”]);



The result from demo_bulk() would yield:


ReferenceData(23131270000000000000000, 1659588229, 1659589497),

ReferenceData(71601775432131482, 1659588229, 1659588229)


Where the results can be interpreted as:


  • rate = 23131.27 BTC/USD
  • lastUpdatedBase = 1659588229
  • lastUpdatedQuote = 1659589497


  • rate = 0.07160177543213148 ETH/BTC
  • lastUpdatedBase = 1659588229

See Findora’s documentation for Band Protocol

If you have questions, please reach out on our Discord or on Twitter.

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About Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform with the aspiration to build high-quality suites of web3 development products. The flagship oracle solution aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts, enabling smart contract applications such as DeFi, prediction markets, and games to be built on-chain without relying on the single point of failure of a centralized oracle. Band Protocol is backed by a strong network of stakeholders including Sequoia Capital, one of the top venture capital firms in the world, and the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

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