Release v0.3.30 Is on Anvil Testnet

Release v0.3.30 Is on Anvil Testnet

The latest release soon to reach Findora brings a number of enhancements to decentralization and EVM optimization.

The release is currently on Anvil testnet for evaluation before it’s scheduled for a deployment to mainnet. Below is a highlight of the features brought to Findora with v0.3.30.

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v0.3.30 Highlights

An almost 2x increase in consensus decentralization.

  • The active validator count on Findora will increase from 58 to 100.

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Increased the mempool of the validators and full nodes.

  • This change increases the number of transactions full nodes can accept.

The consensus layer is enhanced to be multi-threaded.

  • Reduced serialization and reduces transaction queuing.

Transaction validation is optimized.

  • We are driving towards full compatibility with Ethereum standards in terms of how transactions are validated and accepted into the mempool.

Reduce memory allocation and release.

  • This change optimizes how memory is allocated and released.

Removed redundant checking.

  • We are removing redundant privilege checks.

Improved SessionCache

  • We are enhancing memory management for all nodes on the network by optimizing the SessionCache logic, moving from a multi-simulator method to a single-simulator, delta-based method.

Reduction of Verbose Logs

  • Reducing log printing to improve resource consumption.

Improvements to Recover_Signer

  • We will cache the signer to reduce the number of look-ups for transactions who have the same signer in the block.

Findora Substate

  • Increasing the speed of inter-smart contract calls, bringing full compatibility with Ethereum through exception handling for those calls.

These features and enhancements are separate from the zk-focused initiatives coming to the Findora network.

About Findora

Findora is a Layer-1 protocol delivering zero-knowledge solutions to Web3.

Findora integrates two ledgers into a single chain: an EVM ledger for interoperability and a UXTO ledger optimized for zk operations. This dual-layer architecture lets Findora encrypt blockchain data for programmable transparency and public use. By providing new use cases, Findora’s zk tech prepares Web3 for real-world adoption.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem! Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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