💡Findora Validator Spotlight💡: Tr4ck3r

💡Findora Validator Spotlight💡: Tr4ck3r

Validator Spotlights showcase the great teams working to guarantee the security and decentralization of the Findora blockchain. Here are Tr4ck3r’s responses to some questions from the Findora community:

1) Tell Us About Yourself

I’m a mathematician and software developer. I’m really into science and technology in general, and I like being part of a community and helping people as much as I can.

I’ve progressively acquired software development knowledge in different positions involving math and IT knowledge. Autonomous as a worker, I’m a quick self-learner, but also a team player and comfortable in multi-disciplinary teams.

2) What is Your experience in Validating or Web3 in General?

My team is running a validator on Harmony and Findora, which shows good results with 100% signed blocks. We have synced servers for high availability, and we intend to set up validators on testnet to help the dev community.

I’m also a Solidity developer and have been deploying smart contracts for NFTs and tokens on Harmony and Polygon.

I was governor for French and Portuguese regional DAOs with Harmony.

3) What makes Tr4ck3r unique?

I’m here for the long term, and I will build a community around our node on Findora. I’m investing in the best hardware to keep up with the blockchain and deliver the best possible rewards.

I’m working with a diversified and multilingual team, and we’re able to provide support in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Transparency is very important for us and we regularly post information about our validator, good news but also occasional issues we encounter.

The team is very reactive, and we can provide support quickly.

The commission stays at 0% for the first weeks, then will stay reasonable just to cover server costs, and we don’t want it to be higher than 5%.

4) Why do you want to validate with Findora?

Findora is a Blockchain focusing on on-chain encryption which is a key concept for decentralization. I believe in this.

I’m not a financial advisor, but my personal opinion is that FRA has reached a price that can only go higher, which makes it a good potential for long-term investors. Validating seemed to be a good and feasible project right now.

5) Where can our community go to learn more about Tr4ck3r?

My validator address is: F4986612979B95716AA8ABADA15E9A9DB725D691

Information and statistics can be found here, on Findora scan:

And also on smartstake: https://findora.smartstake.io/val/F4986612979B95716AA8ABADA15E9A9DB725D691

I’m mainly active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/tr4ck3r1_ and telegram: https://t.me/tr4ck3r1

We also have a Twitter account 100% in Portuguese: https://twitter.com/Tr4ck3r_PT