💡Findora Validator Spotlight💡 — TillyONE

💡Findora Validator Spotlight💡 — TillyONE

Validator Spotlights showcase the great teams working to guarantee the security and decentralization of the Findora blockchain. Here are TillyONE’s responses to some questions from the Findora community:

1) Tell Us About Yourself

I’m a California-native Systems Administrator. My first PC as a kid was a 486DX (this REALLY dates me :/ ), and I’ve been into technology ever since. More importantly, I’m a father of two great boys & have a wonderful wife who helps guide me, looks out for our family, and cares for those in need every day.

I’ve managed servers ever since I was 19 (again, I won’t share my age, but trust me, it’s been a long time). Since then, I’ve been in the professional IT industry for 10 years.

2) What brought you into crypto/web3 in the first place?

My first venture in the crypto-verse was with Eth in 2017. Miss those prices!

Since then, I’ve mined LTC, CPU & GPU farming pools, experimented with basic ASIC hardware, and anything else to learn.

These new PoS tech systems like Findora are really the future IMO.

3) What is your experience in validating or web3 in general?

I’ve been a validator in one form or another for 11 months now. I’ve learned the growing pains both from being a validator myself and from issues for a chain in general. I’ve also gained the experience to execute proper maintenance and upgrades when needed for minimal downtime on a node.

4) What makes your operation unique?

TillyONE from day one has had a real family vibe to it. I really believe while the tech development, investments from VCs and Exchanges, etc. are important, the main question is, “What are we doing this for?”

For TillyONE, it’s for the family to learn new things about web3/crypto (because it’s evolving and will be a bigger part in one’s life soon) and be a part of it.

In my growing years as a kid, it was WWW; now for my kids, it’s web3.

5) Why do you want to validate with Findora?

I’ve met some really smart and honest people at another initiative. They told me about Findora. When I researched it and how one can help ASAP I said, “LFG!”. 🙂

6) Where can our community go to learn more about you?

Our Twitter is @TillyONENetwork

Website: www.TillyONE.com/home

Telegram: https://t.me/+-IDaUwCvbbdhNmUx

7) How can people delegate funds to you?

When you go to stake FRA from the Findora Wallet, you can select TillyONE. You can see my stats and terms from the findorascan.io dashboard.