💡Findora Validator Spotlight — Brother.FRA💡

💡Findora Validator Spotlight — Brother.FRA💡

Validator Spotlights showcase the great teams working to guarantee the security and decentralization of the Findora blockchain. Here are Brother.FRA’s responses to some questions from the Findora community.

1) Tell Us About Yourself

Hello, My name is Kevin and I run the Brother.FRA validator on Findora. I also run a validator on the Harmony called BrotherOne and a master node for Pac Protocol. I have about 1 ½ years of experience with validating for crypto.

2) What brought you into crypto/web3 in the first place?

I was an investor first and saw the potential of becoming a developer, and I decided to start by becoming a validator with zero experience. Technology has always been my forte, and I was looking for an opportunity to learn and grow my skills. Learning how to establish a validator would open the door to help achieve this goal. I love our crypto community and how supportive they are, and it drove me to search for ways to contribute. The relationship and friendships that I have built along the way have been a huge blessing.

Learning more about Web3 and how I can integrate it with our validator ecosystem is exciting. I’m looking forward to our Web3 Future and Findora’s contribution to Web3.

3) What is your experience in validating or web3 in general?

I started with very little web design experience in 2012. That experience gave me some idea of what I was getting into, but I knew it would be different. It was difficult, but I had to learn everything from scratch. I am still learning, and I look forward to learning new things every day. Web3 is still new to me, but it is the future that I will come to familiarize myself with.

4) What makes your operation unique?

I run my Harmony node with an at-home hardware server. I plan to do the same with my Brother.FRA validator.

Running an at-home server not only saves me out-of-pocket costs, but it also allows us to upgrade our machines. I have a partnership with an NFT project that is in the works, and I plan to integrate my validator with the project as a unique incentive for our delegators.

As we grow, we may be able to also establish future partnerships with DAPPs to provide services that are unique to validators for delegators. We are always open to these types of partnerships, and we encourage these services to reach out to us via Twitter or Telegram.

I do make guides as well for my delegators. If you’re new to Findora and want to learn how to stake or how to take your $FRA off from your exchange. You can do so here with our Medium Guide: https://tinyurl.com/FindoraG

5) Why do you want to validate with Findora?

“Brother” has always been about crypto and how to expand into different protocols to support them and help grow their community. BrotherOne was the first and we branched out to Pac Protocol. Findora became my 3rd choice for Brother to validate with. Findora is unique and has some similarities to Harmony that I enjoyed personally.

ZK  is something that I took an interest in, and I decided to help Findora with our services. With Brother.FRA I plan to dive deeper and learn more about zk and how to leverage it for our delegators. ZK is also something brand new to me, and I want to see how I can help educate our delegators to learn about these new initiatives and how to utilize them.

There are a lot of opportunities with Findora, and we want to provide our services to the Findora community.

6) Where can our community go to learn more about you?

Best place to find me:

I wanted to thank everyone for your time and for listening to my story. I hope it will inspire you to contribute to the growth of Findora. You don’t have to be a developer or know everything there is to know about crypto. All it requires is your determination and a willingness to learn. Thank you for your time. Reach out to me at any time, and I’ll be happy to respond and help you out.

7) How to delegate funds to Brother.FRA?

(Inserted by Findora DAO editors) When you go to stake FRA from the Findora Wallet, you can select Brother.FRA. You can see their stats on the Findorascan.io dashboard.