Announcing Findora’s Partnership with Omni X

Announcing Findora’s Partnership with Omni X

Findora and Omni X are crafting a new future of NFTs

Findora is proud to announce its newest partner: Omni X, the first omnichain NFT platform. Together, we hope to create an interoperable — and private — future for NFTs.

LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol, powers Omni X. It allows Omni X to “launch new omnichain NFT collections, wrap existing NFTs into omnichain equivalents and buy any NFT from one network while paying for it from another,” according to a recent press release. They will soon launch the Omni X ONFT Bridge, a drag-and-drop interface that lets users seamlessly move NFTs from one chain to another without paying anything more than gas fees.

They are also launching their genesis NFT collection, Greg, which you can find here.

Why Partner With Omni X

As NFTs increase their use cases, it’s clear that privacy provided by projects like Findora will be essential.

In the near future, NFTs could go from being used primarily as art to being used:

  1. to prove ownership of land or physical objects
  2. as tickets and POAPs
  3. as credentials via SBTs
  4. to validate votes and elections

Teams from around the world are creating new uses for NFTs, and while no one knows what all those use cases will be, it’s clear that many will deal with sensitive information and therefore need privacy but also interoperability.

But interoperability still doesn’t really exist. NFTs are usually trapped on the chain on which they are minted, which could be disastrous for use cases like credentialization, financial instruments, and proof of ownership.

Using public blockchains means they can’t provide the necessary privacy to protect user data and business secrets, and without interoperability, many future use cases won’t be practical. But by building together, Findora and Omni X can create a revolutionary new infrastructure for NFTs that provide the foundation for the next generation of NFT use cases.

Cheers to the Future!

Findora is a leader in Web3 privacy through advanced zero-knowledge cryptography, and though Omni X has just launched, we’ve been impressed by what we’ve seen. We know they will go far and do great things.

We’ve also been impressed with their energy and creativity. We’re excited for what the future will bring as we work together and revolutionize the NFT space.