Recap: Findora At #Consensus2022

Recap: Findora At #Consensus2022

This was the first Consensus since 2019 to meet in person, and it felt special to go this year. Findora was a core sponsor, and seven members of the Findora team managed to attend, the most that have ever gone.

We went to find people to help build the future of zk on Web3, and honestly, we were touched by the amount of support we found from other teams. Consensus is the largest crypto event of the year, and it’s inspiring to see so many people working together to make the world a better place.

We hosted and attended a number of successful side events as part of our mission to bring zk to Web3. We are thankful to everyone who worked on those and made them a success.

Here are some of the key highlights and takeaways from our time at Consensus2022.

Findora at ZPRIZE Happy Hour

We got to attend the ZPRIZE Happy Hour side event. ZPRIZE is an initiative “dedicated to accelerating zero-knowledge cryptography.” We had the largest representation at their Happy Hour event which was well received.

ZPRIZE rewards select teams who make breakthroughs in ZKP technology or applications, and all winning submissions become open-source libraries. Findora is a proud sponsor of their prizes (check accelerating elliptic curve operations and finite field arithmetic wasm track for more details). Click here to learn more.

The Zero-Knowledge BBQ

Findora brought together over 100 dApp developers, engineers, investors, and leading researchers in the field of zero-knowledge proofs to discuss building zk in Web3 through Findora.

We met a lot of creative people with brilliant ideas, and we are still in the process of following up with all of you. We are excited to see what future you will build with Findora!

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It was a party:

“Minting Supercars in the Metaverse”

Discreet Labs CEO, Warren Paul Anderson, moderated a panel on “Minting Supercars in the Metaverse” with Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of Suku, and Tom Watson, Vice President of Licensing, Partnerships, and Metaverse, at McLaren Automotive Ltd.

Suku is an NFT metaverse company that enables brands to create, monetize, and drive consumer engagement with digital content. They’ll be working with McLaren to Mint NFTs of luxury supercars on InfiniteWorld, part of the Suku ecosystem.


The attending team did a fantastic job evangelizing Findora and connecting with new prospective partners. We are excited to see where those new relationships lead.

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