Navigating NFT NYC with Findora

Navigating NFT NYC with Findora

If you’re not from New York, traversing the Big Apple is going to be tough. For those of you making last minute plans, our team made a travel guide that you can use to make your NFT NYC experience spectacular!


  1. Register for the ZK Bistro on Eventbrite using code “ZKGYPSY” or “ZKPNYC”
  2. There are hundreds of NFT panels happening in a 3 day period. To make your life a million times easier, use our NFT NYC Roadmap to attend the panels we believe are the best. Walk & talk crypto in the city that never sleeps with the Findora team. See you there ! ❤
    Infographic : Save this Figma and attend the Free event’s we think are the most exciting!
  3. Video of Infographic :

NFT NYC Findora Tour Map (Starting JUNE 21st)

See all Side events

Start — June 21: Featured Talks at Radio City Music Hall hosted by Coinbase

RADIO HALL [10:55 AM — 11:10 AM] Polygon’s Vision for the Future of NFTs in Gaming — Ryan Wyatt

RADIO HALL [11:50 AM — 12:15 AM] How NFTs are Shaping the Future of Music —
Michael Baro, Stefan Clark, Jacqui Bransky, Mike Darlington, French Montana, Jim Jones, Jesse Dylan

Music NFT’s

2 hour Break [12:25PM go to Marriott Marquis and come back ]

Developer Conferences 10am — 5pm
Go to Edison Ball Room : South Hall 240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

EDISON ROOM SOUTH [12:25 PM — 12:35 PM] An Analysis of What a Good NFT Smart Contract Can Look Like — Radek Sienkiewicz

NFT Development

All of the panel leading up too this panel are great, but you will miss Spike Lee’s Panel.

EDISON HALL SOUTH [2:35 PM -2:45 PM] NFT Diplomas and Certificates — Future of Non-Transferable and Revocable NFTs (ERC-1238s) Shauhin Davari

Flow Blockchain

Choose to stay at Edison or Come Back to Radio city music hall to catch Spike Lee.

RADIO HALL [2:25 PM — 2:40 PM] Future of Film and NFTs — Spike Lee, Sade Baderinwa

Film and television

RADIO HALL [3:10 PM — 3:30 PM] Women Led NFT Projects — Rachel Wolchin, Cassandra Sagehorn, Lisa Mayer, Ashley Smith, Danielle Davis, Vicki Jeavons

RADIO HALL [5:00 PM — 5:25 PM ]How Gaming can Successfully Incorporate NFTs —
Sarojini Mckenna, Shea Newkirk ,Cagy Jan Jung Woong (James) Park Sebastien Borget, Amy Wu

[ 6PM — 10PM] JUNE 21st
Findora’s Zero Knowledge Bistro 6–10PM @ Gypsy Rose Bistro


June 21st 2022, we’re inviting some of the top developers and NFT artists at NFT NYC to come enjoy one of New York’s best Bistro’s to discuss zero-knowledge proofs(ZKP), one of the hottest technologies in crypto.

Reserve your ZK Bistro ticket and bring your best ideas to the dinner table. Findora’s core product & engineering teams will be here to explain the benefits behind privacy, and why it’s valuable for your NFT projects. The Findora Foundation has $100M in grants for developers, researchers, content creators and artists to help scale Ethereum privacy to the whole world.

The more radical ideas the better!

We want you to leave New York enthusiastic about the future of privacy on Ethereum and crypto more broadly.

June 22nd

Marriott Marquis 7th Floor

1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

MARQUIS 7th Floor [9:45 AM — 9:55 AM] Before CryptoPunks There Were CypherPunks: Growing the NFT Market with Privacy — Warren Anderson
Marriott 7th Floor — Astor room

Privacy NFT’s — Findora is Scaling Ethereum Privacy

We recommend you Head over to the Developer Conferences

The Edison Ballroom: Main

240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

EDISON MAIN [10:10 AM — 10:35 AM ] The Cross-Chain Future of NFTs — Emmanuel Batse, Anthony Yoon, Xin Xinusu, Leo Chen

cross chain NFTBridging — Universal interoperability

EDISON MAIN [11:50 AM — 12:15 PM] NFTs as the Center of your Digital Identity in Web3.0 — Zhonghao Liu, Jay Kurahashi-Sofue ,Marc Blinder, Jamil Dhanani, Zhuoxun Yin

EDISON MAIN [3:20 PM — 3:45 PM] On-Chain Identity with NFTs — Provocations for a Better Internet Eylon Aviv, Alastair Johnson, Chris Banbury, Dylan Dewdney, Jad Esber

Digital ID’s and strategy in the Metaverse

The Edison Ballroom South: Same Building

EDISON SOUTH [4:35 PM — 5:00 PM] How NFTs Can Help Climate Change —
Phil Fogel, Mance Harmon, Clay Robbins, Eliza Fish, Moon Jerin

EDISON SOUTH [5:10 PM — 5:20PM] Carbon Backed NFTs: NFTs Driving Waste Reduction and Fighting Climate Change — Tom Herman


JUNE 22nd Side Events

Wave Ducks [4PM — 4AM]

June 23rd

The Edison Ballroom: South
240 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

EDISON SOUTH ROOM [9:40 AM — 10:05 AM ] NFTs & Legal: What you Should Know —
Jesse Halfon, Daniel Dubin, Andrew Bull, Jonathan C. Dunsmoor, Esq.

Lunch and Networking at the Marriott Marquis: 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

The legal panels are very valuable and share a lot of experience with the public.

EDISON MAIN ROOM [1:25 PM — 1:50 PM] NFTs and Storytelling —
Nithin Eapen, Simon De La Rouviere, Wesley Mcquillen, Rikin Mantri, Sam Falic

Creative Storytelling — NFT’s

EDISON SOUTH ROOM [2:00 PM — 2:25 PM] NFTs: What are the Legal Risks Involved? —
Nicholas Lauw, Manuel Pesendorfer, Francesco Piccoli, Adam Ettinger

EDISON MAIN ROOM [3:20 PM — 3:45 PM] How Advertisement Works in the Metaverse Powered with NFTs —
Zach Lewis, Hannah Taylor, Gianfranco Lopane

Promotions, Marketing and Business Development

EDISON SOUTH ROOM [4:05 PM- 4:30 PM] The Legal and Regulatory Evolution of NFTs: What’s Coming and What You can do About it? —
Dan Hyde, Young Lee, Nuzayra Haque-Shah, Timothy Spangler, Nicola Mcneely

Tax and regulations #adulting

JUNE 23rd Side Event’s
The CC0 Anti-Inflation Mixtape by DIGITALAX x Chaos | NFT.NYC