đź’ˇFindora Validator Spotlightđź’ˇ: Terminet

đź’ˇFindora Validator Spotlightđź’ˇ: Terminet

Validator Spotlights showcase the great teams working to guarantee the security and decentralization of the Findora blockchain. Here are Terminet’s responses to some questions from the Findora community:

1. Tell us about Terminet

Terminet has years of technical expertise in distributed high-performance computing, node infrastructure, network, hardware, API support, and storage for the web3 ecosystem, and is dedicated to helping investors and ordinary token holders profit from digital assets. By building a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use web3 infrastructure service layer in order to lower web3 onboarding barriers and web3 application development thresholds, Terminet powers web3 development.

Terminet provides a public staking service and has successfully run multiple PoS nodes.

2. What should we know about the Terminet team?

Terminet is a web3 startup team, with core members from global companies and years of experience in the industry. The core team consists of experienced developers, product and operations experts, and blockchain enthusiasts with more than 5 years under their belt in the industry. The technology stacks of team members include Javascript, Python, Rust, Golang, and Java.

3. What makes your dashboard stand out from the rest?

The core responsibility of nodes is to maintain the security and stability of the entire network. Terminet has accumulated a lot of experience in this area, including 24/7 operation and maintenance monitoring, automatic node start/stop, disaster recovery plans, high availability, etc. Therefore, delegating to Terminet can guarantee safe and stable access to delegated yield.

Secondly, node types are mainly divided into three categories: professional mining pool nodes, investor nodes, and community nodes. Due to the current unstaking period (e.g. takes 21 days to unstake, other chains may take longer, and there is no reward during this period), many old nodes are not too willing to participate in the ecosystem construction and development of the community after acquiring the delegated amount. Terminet sees this as an opportunity and hopes to break the situation of “choppy” node delegation and to form healthy competition, which will boost the chain, community users, and ecosystem development.

4. Why was Findora an appealing destination for Terminet?

Findora’s focus on being zk is exactly what our team believes in. We believe that zk and zk ledgers for web3 are essential for business users so they can ensure important financial data is not leaked and also secure trade secrets. Confidentiality on-chain is, therefore, an important piece of missing financial infrastructure necessary for the mass adoption of crypto.

We see huge growth potential for web3 in the next 5–10 years, and there are still some participants at this stage which don’t have the requisite amount of community commitment. For this reason, Terminet is developing and iterating MPC-based key security management solutions to provide systematic support for B-end users to participate in the blockchain network.

Terminet sincerely hopes to grow together with Findora

5. Where can the Findora Community learn more about Terminet?






Github: https://github.com/Terminet-Labs