đź’ˇFindora Validator Spotlightđź’ˇ: DELIGHT

đź’ˇFindora Validator Spotlightđź’ˇ: DELIGHT

Validator Spotlights showcase the great teams working to guarantee the security and decentralization of the Findora blockchain. Here are DELIGHT’s responses to some questions from the Findora community:

1. Tell us about DELIGHT

DELIGHT is a technology-driven team that has operated in the world of decentralized cryptocurrency since the beginning. Though we started just by running our own validator nodes, we now run validator nodes as a service for delegators. Our dApps and services are well-known to be stable and secure, showing our team’s high level of expertise.

2. What should we know about the DELIGHT team?

We have contributed to many networks’ growth in diverse ways. Regarding node operation, DELIGHT is currently running validators on over 10 networks, including several cosmos blockchains, SKALE and Threshold Network. When it comes to the Dapp development, the team provided Dapps such as an AMM DEX. They have supported asset trading so that many users can exchange their tokens very easily since its launch.

3. Why Should People Rely on DELIGHT?

We have proven reliable even in times of network volatility. DELIGHT was one of the validators holding the highest voting power in the Terra Network (now a.k.a Terra Classic), and proved our reliability when the network was congested due to the UST de-peg. We endeavor to enhance our availability and security by implementing custom monitoring tools that catch emergencies and prepare for them.

4. Why was Findora an appealing network for DELIGHT?

Findora’s graceful integration of UTXO and EVM blockchain technology persuaded us to be network validators. Our team expects more and more people to want on-chain encryption and selective transparency on the blockchain in the near future, and we expect many other teams to build their dApps on the network soon. As the crypto market grows, so does the need for confidentiality, making Findora an essential piece of future web3 infrastructure.

5. Where can the Findora Community learn more about DELIGHT?

Website: https://delightlabs.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/delightlabs_io

Github: https://github.com/DELIGHT-LABS

Email: contact@delightlabs.io