Findora At Consensus 2022

Findora At Consensus 2022

Builders, developers, community leaders — these are the people we’re empowering by building the leading privacy platform in Web3. With Findora, projects can make the world a better place by making DeFi ready for institutional use through privacy.

To help us achieve that mission, we became a core sponsor of #Consensus2022. We’re excited to be here hosting events and showing how Findora is scaling Ethereum privacy.

🙌 Here’s what we’re up to:

The Zero-Knowledge BBQ

Findora is bringing together dApp developers, engineers, investors, and leading researchers in the field of zero-knowledge proofs to discuss building ZK privacy using the Findora Foundation’s $100 Million Ecosystem Fund.

Developers are invited to bring their best ideas and live demos for ZK privacy dApps.

We will be hosting the event tomorrow at Iron Works BBQ on 100 Red River St, in Austin, so mark your calendars for June 11th from 6:00 pm — 10 pm. We’ll also be airdropping 3,000 FRA in a random draw to a guest at the BBQ!

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“Minting Supercars in the Metaverse”

Discreet Labs CEO, Warren Paul Anderson, moderated a panel on “Minting Supercars in the Metaverse” with Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of Suku, and Tom Watson, Vice President of Licensing, Partnerships, and Metaverse, at McLaren Automotive Ltd.

Suku is an NFT metaverse company that enables brands to create, monetize, and drive consumer engagement with digital content. They’ll be working with McLaren to Mint NFTs of luxury supercars on InfiniteWorld, part of the Suku ecosystem.

Fun at Sponsor’s Night!

We had a great time during Sponsors Night at Bangers! It was nice getting to meet other sponsors, and we’re honored to be part of Consensus 2022. Consensus is always fun, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it grows in the future.

New and Improved Website

In honor of Consensus, we launched our new and improved website, which clarifies Findora’s vision and project direction. Findora is all about scaling Ethereum privacy, and we wanted the project website to reflect that. Updates include a new section highlighting the Findora Ecosystem, an updated wiki, and reorganized documentation.

The new website will feature updated documentation and a new grant application process to streamline the experience for the Findora $100 Million Ecosystem Fund applicants.

Check out the new website here. It’s still a work in progress, so keep refreshing your browser for new updates.

Gifting Developers with Better Documentation

We’re also overhauling our documentation to make it easier for developers to understand what Findora is and what they can do with it.

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to explore Findora and help it reach its full potential. We’re going through the Wiki, Gitbook, and FAQs to make it easier for you to navigate Findora and learn how to develop with it.

👉Check out our new Developer Portal and our revamped Github!

We appreciate all the feedback from the developer community, which helped us reorganize the content, so please keep it coming. We want to make Findora as valuable and accessible as possible. If you’d like to leave feedback on the website or developer portal, join our Discord and leave comments for us on our #💻dev-chat channel.

Apply for Grant Money

We are always searching for talented developers to build on Findora. We’re looking forward to partnering with new teams to help create the future of privacy finance.

Do you have a great idea or project that needs funding? Apply for a grant with Findora. The Findora $100 Million Ecosystem Fund is reserved for teams that will bolster the Findora ecosystem and build a private future on Web3.

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We hope we get to see you at Consensus!