Recap: Findora at ETH Amsterdam

Recap: Findora at ETH Amsterdam

Findora was a sponsor at this year’s ETH Amsterdam, which took place from April 22–24th at Beurs van Berlage, a former commodities exchange built in the late 1800s.

ETH Amsterdam was attended by over 800 developers and was held in tandem with the Ethereum Foundation’s DevConnect.

Findora was represented by Discreet Labs with me and David Lin attending, plus Dylan Kawalec, a developer advocate working on Bridge Builders DAO.

A few of the goals for sponsoring and attending ETH Amsterdam were:

  • Increase brand awareness for Findora
  • Connect with devs about building privacy into their dapps
  • Host a workshop showcasing Yellow Submarine

While several people in the Findora ecosystem attended ETH Denver, ETH Amsterdam was the first of many ETH Global events that Findora plans to sponsor.

At ETH Amsterdam we connected with dozens of devs building some truly interesting projects. One of which was Swapify, a peer-to-peer trustless NFT swap dapp that makes it easy to swap ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) with anyone. Swapify decided to integrate Findora to support the use case for private swaps.

Swapify went on to win the Findora sponsorship prize, which was announced at the ETH Amsterdam closing ceremony attended by all the participating devs, including Vitalik Buterin.

While at ETH Amsterdam, David and I also hosted a workshop titled “Building Universal Privacy Dapps for Web3” to showcase a live demo of Yellow Submarine, a dapp that allows private transactions across EVM compatible chains.

Thankfully, the demo gods were gracious enough to allow a live demo on Ropsten and Findora Anvil testnets without any issues!

As a follow-up to the ETH Amsterdam workshop the teams working on the Columbus DAO project plan to offer more tools that allow devs to build more privacy into their projects across the ecosystem of EVM blockchains.

We look forward to establishing Findora as a pillar for privacy within the Ethereum ecosystem.