Announcing: the Findora “Summer Staking” Campaign!

Announcing: the Findora “Summer Staking” Campaign!

Enter now to share the 1,000,000 FRA reward pool!

Staking has been live on the Findora mainnet for over 6 months, and despite a turbulent market, Findora just hit a new all-time high in terms of total amount of FRA staked. We want to thank the community for your commitment to privacy finance — and reward you with the first Findora “Summer Staking” campaign!

Participants will be able to register between UTC May 19th 0:00 — June 10th 24:00. Top 200 registrants who stake the most FRA tokens (The amount staked before and after the campaign is not included) and keep it locked for two months are eligible for sharing the 750,000 FRA rewards pool.

Once the total staked amount at a network level reaches 300,000,000 (current amount is 278,316,439), we will add an extra 250,000 FRA to the prize pool, which will be divided equally among EVERYONE who participated — everyone wins if Findora hits 300,000,000 FRA staked!

Here’s the breakdown of the prizes:

Staking rewards on Findora are currently over 50% APY.

How to participate?

To win the prize, be sure to

1) Fill in the Typeform

2) Take a screenshot of your staking transaction on the block explorer.

You also will have to stake FRA on Findora, of course. To stake FRA, download the Findora Wallet (there is both a desktop and mobile version). Click on the “stake” button and select the amount you want to stake. Once you do, you will also have the option to choose a validator. Use the Findora Scan tool to research the best validator for you in a transparent and convenient way.

To learn more about how to stake, see the User Guide to staking on Findora.

Be sure to take a screenshot of the transaction on the block explorer! To view the transaction, when you have staked, wait for the transaction to finalize and click on “View Transaction”:

Then, take a screenshot of the of block explorer screen which should look like this:

You will need this screenshot to claim the prize!

After the two-month minimum lockup period when winners are confirmed, an email will be sent requesting their wallet address. Once the screenshot of the staking transaction and wallet address are received, the reward can be distributed.

Note: All rewards must be claimed before UTC Aug 25th 24:00, or else be forfeit.

Why Stake on Findora?

In bear markets, staking can be a good way to minimize your losses and maximize your opportunity. Staking on Findora, or Findora ecosystem projects like FairySwap, is a good way to safeguard your assets in adverse market environments.

Not all projects in DeFi are actually decentralized — but being decentralized is a key for any Proof of Stake network. It ensures validator rewards (also known as mining rewards) are equitably distributed and that the community is in control. Findora is one of the most decentralized Proof of Stake networks with a Gini Coefficient of 0.4973, ranking it #11 among all blockchains according to SmartStake data.

Currently, staking FRA on Findora still earns +50% APY, with rewards decreasing as more people enter. Those who stake first will earn higher rewards!

Findora is also well-positioned for the future. As Web3 matures, the need for privacy will become more apparent — businesses will be hamstrung if salaries and amounts paid to vendors are all visible on the blockchain. Industries like insurance and healthcare require privacy to operate. As the leading platform for privacy-preserving smart contracts, Findora is helping to evolve DeFi into PriFi and ready Web3 for mass adoption.

To learn more about staking on Findora, click here.