🌉Rialto Bridge (Ethereum/Findora) is now live on Testnet!

🌉Rialto Bridge (Ethereum/Findora) is now live on Testnet!

$1MM “Shaking Up the Bridge” Campaign Phase2, Updated UI Design, $10MM Mainnet Reimbursement Continues!

You can now go to anvil.rialtobridge.io to transfer your assets from Ethereum Ropsten Testnet to Findora Anvil Testnet; mainnet support coming soon — enabling users to move their Ethereum ERC-20 tokens to Findora in a seamless, permissionless and trustless manner.

We want to first celebrate the successful launch of the initial “Shaking Up the Bridge” campaign, in which over 30,000 Findorans helped with extensive testing of the Rialto Bridge (BNB<>Findora) before its mainnet launch (we are currently in the process of reward calculation, stayed tuned). Since its mainnet launch, the bridge has seen millions worth of liquidity migrated from the BNB Chain to the Findora ecosystem.

🎉 $1MM “Shaking Up the Bridge” Campaign Phase2
🧧 $10MM Mainnet Reimbursement Continues
🖼️ Updated UI Design
🤿 Under the Hood
🛣 Findora as Universal Privacy Layer in a Multi-chain Future

🎉Announcing $1MM “Shaking Up the Bridge” Campaign Phase2

“Shaking Up the Bridge” is a series of bounties incentivizing Findora users to test the cross-chain bridges connecting Findora and other layer1 ecosystems. The Findora Foundation is offering a $1,000,000 worth of prize pool to the “Shaking Up the Bridge” initiatives to reward the first users of Findora’s interoperability infrastructures.

Phase 2 of the “Shaking Up the Bridge” campaign is focused on testing the Ethereum-to-Findora path of the Rialto Bridge. Complete the tasks list and earn up to $10 worth of rewards in FRA tokens. Check this post for more details on How to Participate and a mini-tutorial.

🧧 $10MM Mainnet Reimbursement Continues!

For a limited time, the Findora Foundation will reimburse all cross-bridge liquidity costs with an equivalent amount of FRA tokens when a user makes a cross-chain transfer by Rialto over to Findora. $10 million worth of FRA tokens have been allocated to the reimbursement campaign by the Findora Foundation (from the $100M Ecosystem Fund) and community developers.

The reimbursement campaign will be extended to support Ethereum->Findora transfers. To learn more about getting reimbursed, visit the Findora Discord.

🖼️ Updated UI Design

In this testnet version release, the bridge has updated a new version of UI & landing page design.

You can still find the last version of UI design in this step-to-step video tutorial by the FairySwap 🧚‍♀️ community.

🤿 Under the Hood

The Rialto Bridge is a fork of ChainSafe ChainBridge customized to support the Findora network. It enables users to bi-directionally transfer tokens from an EVM-compatible blockchain to the Findora blockchain and vice versa. Currently, the bridge is deployed only on the mainnet BNB Chain and testnet Ethereum blockchain.

At a high level, the Rialto bridge locks tokens (such as USDT, USDC, etc.) via a smart contract on the source chain (like the BNB Chain or Ethereum), and mints an equivalent amount of those tokens on the Findora Smart Chain. To learn more, read our deep-dive article on the Rialto Bridge architecture. If you are are developer w/ product ideas for building cross-chain privacy dapps, check out the developer guide on how to deploy Rialto Bridge.

🛣 Findora as Universal Privacy Layer in a Multi-chain Future

We believe in a Multi-chain/Cross-chain/Omni-chain future. That future is here already.

Ethereum is the home to DeFi, with undoubtedly market dominance in terms of TVL across the broader crypto ecosystem. Bridging Findora to Ethereum is a big step forward in giving blue-chip DeFi projects access to privacy-centric features and helping export the Privacy Finance (PriFi) Revolution to the broader DeFi world.

Once the Ethereum<>Findora path on Rialto Bridge is live on the mainnet, users will be able to migrate assets from Ethereum to Findora, conduct confidential or even anonymous transactions, and then move their new assets back to Ethereum, BSC or whatever EVM-compatible chain they choose (Yellow Submarine as an example). This means Findora is becoming a Universal Privacy Layer, supporting Ethereum applications with cross-chain private transfers, enabling all ERC-20 compatible tokens to be confidential.

Today there are over 100 different Layer-1 blockchains competing for a market with nearly $2 trillion dollar worth of liquidity; most new entrants have focused on the smart contract space to gain utility and adoption through the Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility. With the implementation of highly optimized cryptographic primitives and circuits like use-case-specific zkSNARKs (Turbo-PLONKs), Findora’s native chain supports confidential transfers (anonymous transfers coming soon). Parallelized the native chain with an EVM extension, Findora’s architecture offers a practical privacy solution for those EVM-compatible chains with low cost and fast finality.