Chat with Whitfield Diffie

Chat with Whitfield Diffie

I recently sat down with Turing Award Winner, Whitfield Diffie, a senior advisor to the Findora project, who co-invented the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, which is one of the earliest practical examples of public key exchange implemented within the field of cryptography and is still the global standard for securely generating and exchanging keys in public.

I met Whit about a year ago, shortly after I joined Discreet Labs as VP of Product to work on Findora. As an advisor, he has revealed an uncanny ability to manifest simplicity out of a sea of complexity by highlighting what matters most in the broader societal adoption of core technology: practicality.

The attractive thing about Findora is that it is working on two things both of which that I have valued highly in my career. One of which is openness, and the other of which is confidentiality. — Whitfield Diffie

In one year’s time, the Findora project has shipped multiple exciting protocols, platforms, and products, including an advanced multi-chain architecture, which combines confidentiality and scalability on the Findora Native Chain (UTXO model) with programmability, interoperability and composability on the Findora Smart Chain (EVM account model).

To intraconnect Findora’s multi-chain architecture, Findora launched Prism, a trustless atomic swap protocol that bridges Findora Native Chain and Findora Smart Chain. To interoperate Findora’s multi-chain architecture with the growing ecosystem, Findora also launched Rialto, which is a trustless bridge between all EVM compatible chains and Findora.

Findora’s multi-chain architecture parallelizes the best of ZKP for scalability with the best of EVM for programmability, interoperability, and

With the launch of toolkits like Prism and Rialto, as well as a cryptographic library of advanced ZKPs, Findora is now bringing zk to EVM based dapps with smart contract functionalities.

But in order to achieve practicality, all these components need more abstraction… of course.

xkcd ‘Abstraction

Over the year it seems Findora has brought to life a great meme in computer science, which is ‘there’s no problem that can’t be solved without adding a level of indirection.’ — Whitfield Diffie

As one of the pioneers of the “PriFi” movement, Findora will continue to release innovative protocols, platforms and products that abstract backend complexities, and bring simplicity and joy to the user experience, and gives users full control of their digital assets, data and identity through zk.