🎉Announcing $1MM “Shaking Up the Bridge” Campaign Phase2

🎉Announcing $1MM “Shaking Up the Bridge” Campaign Phase2

You can now go to anvil.rialtobridge.io to transfer your assets from Ethereum Ropsten Testnet to Findora Anvil Testnet; mainnet support coming soon — enabling users to move their Ethereum ERC-20 tokens to Findora in a seamless, permissionless and trustless manner.

We want to first celebrate the successful launch of the initial “Shaking Up the Bridge” campaign, in which over 30,000 Findorans helped with extensive testing of the Rialto Bridge (BNB<>Findora) before its mainnet launch (we are currently in the process of reward calculation, stayed tuned). Since its mainnet launch, the bridge has seen millions worth of liquidity migrated from the BNB Chain to the Findora ecosystem.

Phase 2 of the “Shaking Up the Bridge” campaign is focused on testing the Ethereum-to-Findora path of the Rialto Bridge. Complete the tasks list and earn up to $5 worth of rewards in FRA tokens.

How Do I Participate?

To earn FRA rewards, complete the first 7 tasks below. You can earn extra rewards by completing the bonus objectives! Initially, participants will have the chance to earn $10 worth of FRA tokens depending on the objectives completed. Again, the focus is on testing the Ethereum-to-Findora path of the bridge.

Task 1/ Sign-up on this form with your Metamask wallet address (i.e. 0x…), email, Twitter handle, and Discord handle.

Sign-up Form

Task 2/ Join the #Rialto-bridge channel on the Findora Discord server with your discord handle

Task 3/ Follow @findora on Twitter with your Twitter account

Task 4/ Join the @findoraen Telegram group

Task 5/ Use the Anvil testnet version of Rialto Bridge to transfer at least 1 FRA token from Findora testnet to Ethereum Ropsten testnet. Note: technical details will be given at the end of this article on how to configure Metamask for Anvil testnet and use the Rialto webapp to accomplish this task.

Task 6/ Transfer at least 0.01 FRA from Ethereum Ropsten testnet to Findora Anvil testnet (Anvil)

Task 7/ Transfer at least 0.01 USDT, ETH or USDC from the Ethereum Ropsten testnet testnet to the Findora testnet (Anvil)

Bonus Task/ Refer this campaign to at least 3 of your friends

The first 10,000 eligible participants who complete tasks 1–7 will earn $5 worth of FRA tokens, but the reward doubles to $10 worth of FRA (price subject to the closing date of the campaign) when you complete the bonus task!

Participants eligible for rewards will receive their tokens within a week after the campaign ends. KYC is required before rewards are distributed.

How to Use Rialto (Mini-Tutorial)

Below is a tutorial explaining how to use Rialto to move tokens from Ethereum Ropsten testnet to Findora Anvil testnet (i.e. tasks 5–7).

Key Configuration Info

FRA on Ropsten: 0x1f73F12d56fC1E1EF9c9c86eDc961CC028709Df0
WETH_e: 0xA2E3b584D7BF8436B222BC763Ca4e06445126fE4
USDT_e: 0x6E93d8ac7C9f11fC3b3492363E2565dA9dC88cA9
USDC_e: 0x1e77D7a98bb3599336fAe84Cf0BA86B7507609d9

Step 1: Configure Metamask

Setup Metamask to work on Ethereum Ropsten testnet by configuring Metamask’s network settings:

Ropsten Testnet Settings on Metamask

Setup Metamask to work on Findora testnet by configuring Metamask’s network settings:

Findora Testnet Settings on Metamask

Step 2: Request Ropsten Testnet Tokens

Request free ETH tokens from the Ropsten testnet faucet at https://faucet.egorfine.com/. These testnet tokens are needed to pay for Rialto bridge gas fees on the Ropsten testnet side. You will also transfer some of these tokens to Findora Anvil Testnet in this tutorial to test the cross-chain transfer process.

Ropsten Testnet Faucet

Step 3: Transfer Tokens Across Bridge

Visit anvil.rialtobridge.io and connect your Metamask wallet. Next, change the “Source Network” to Ropsten. Enter the amount and token type you wish to transfer from Ropsten testnet to Findora Anvil Testnet. Enter your destination (Findora Anvil Testnet) wallet address and click “Start Transfer”.

Rialto Bridge — Configure Tokens to Bridge Over

Step 4: Confirm Transaction in Metamask

Metamask will ask you to confirm your transaction. Click confirm on the screens below.

Metamask — Confirm Access Permissions
Metamask — Confirm Transaction

Step 5: [OPTIONAL] View Transaction Details on Findora EVM Block Explorer

In addition to checking that your Findora Metamask wallet balance has increased, you can also double-check that the transaction went through via the block explorer by visiting Findora’s testnet EVM block explorer at testnet-anvil.evm.findorascan.io.

Wait approximately 60–90 seconds after submitting your transaction so both sides of the bridge transaction can clear. Then copy and paste the bridge contract address of 0xA242C7682768c43B079b5B7dA09E2e7c80b1f5e2 into the search bar of the block explorer to locate all bridge transactions.

EVM Block Explorer

A few transactions will be associated with the bridge transfer on the Findora side.

Bridge Transaction Log — Findora Side

However, only the transaction with 0x4454b20d in the raw input field will be the transaction that details the number of tokens migrated over to Findora.

Transaction Details — Findora Side