Findora Network Launches Ambassador Program for Community

Findora Network Launches Ambassador Program for Community

Testing a new growth model, Findora seeks to expand outward by looking inward.

The Findora Network has launched an ambassador program geared to encourage widespread participation from its community. Ambassadors recruited from the community will work directly with Findora, ensuring those who promote the project can do so authentically. 

Seeking a wide range of skills from a diverse portion of their community, Findora will offer ambassadors rewards as well as access to both the marketing and technical teams so that ambassadors can gain a deeper understanding of the project. From its announcement of the program: “We are passionate about raising awareness for Findora and accelerating its adoption globally because we believe in giving users control over their data.”

To apply to be an ambassador for Findora, users simply fill out this form. Anyone who has a passion for the project is encouraged to apply.

A new type of privacy blockchain, Findora uses zero-knowledge proof technology to create “programmable privacy,” and lead the #PriFi revolution. This means Dapps built on Findora, like FairySwap and Venice Finance, can offer privacy functions like confidential transactions and even front-running resistance. With out-of-the-box privacy functions, Dapps on Findora’s ecosystem will change users’ expectations for DeFi applications like DEXs.

Findora is seeking to attract media organizations and KOLs to its program but is also welcoming applications from individuals who can help with tasks like event coordination, content creation, and translation work. Developers who can write and test code are also needed. 

Ambassadors will be scored based on their contributions and will need to get approval when posting in an official capacity. In return, ambassador rewards may start at $500 or the equivalent in FRA tokens a month, and may even get a $2,000 per month budget for online and offline activities, if needed. 

“We are excited to bring the community with us on this journey,” a spokesperson said. “In the end, the user is always going to be your best advocate when you have made a high-value product.” ​​


About Findora

Findora is a privacy blockchain, built with zero-knowledge proofs, which aims to establish “PriFi” or Privacy Finance. Using state-of-the-art technology like bulletproofs and PLONKs, Findora creates a publicly verifiable ledger that doesn’t expose any individual or transaction data. Built to provide privacy and auditability, it is the next step in blockchain technology.

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