💡Findora Validator Spotlight💡: Wetez — a professional staking services provider

💡Findora Validator Spotlight💡: Wetez — a professional staking services provider

💡Findora Validator Spotlight💡: Wetez — a professional staking services provider

Validator Spotlight showcases the great teams working to guarantee the security and decentralization of the Findora blockchain.

1. Tell us about Wetez

Wetez provides professional staking services. We’ve been focusing on the PoS staking field for over 3 years, serving as a validator node for 25+ PoS networks, including Cosmos, Polkadot, Matic, Solana, etc. Currently, we have a Total Staked Value of $72,900,044.59 and a Delegated Value of $72,525,870.87. We are continually looking for more great projects to add to our list of staking services.

2. What should we know about the Wetez team?

To learn more about Wetez, here’re some achievements of Wetez in the community.

  • 120+ original articles about blockchains,especially in the PoS Staking field, including nearly 10 Cosmos articles, to introduce PoS Consensus and PoS Staking
  • 10+ groups with almost 5000 followers
  • 50+ Online speech about PoS consensus
  • Hold Staking economy and project (Cosmos, IRISnet, etc.) meetups with Blockchain Media in Beijing, discussing the philosophy and design mechanism of PoS
  • Published a book called Understanding the PoS Consensus of Blockchain, which introduces different modules of PoS and how to design a better staking module.
  • Full-feature mobile wallet for Android and IOS (Support Cosmos, Tezos and IRISnet), and was the first wallet to support Cosmos and IRISnet’s delegate and transfer functionality
  • Helped Cosmos gain a wide range of knowledge in the community by educating the community, and got the delegation grant from Interchain foundation

3. What makes your staking services stand out from the rest?

Having been involved in the PoS field for over three years, Wetez has not been recorded by Slash, and the uptime is guaranteed to be around 99%.

For stakers, Wetez offers services including delegation, proposal voting, tools building, staking education, etc. For PoS chains, Wetez offers services including secure validation, active governance and more.

4. Why was Findora an appealing destination for Wetez?

Wetez has been focusing on the exploration and research of PoS. Balancing transparency with confidentiality on-chain is one of the key topics for the future development of blockchain, and Findora’s concept of “cryptographic transparency” appealed to us as a worthy experiment. We have also written a popular article studying Findora for this purpose, in order to introduce it to the broader blockchain community. You can find the article here, feel free to discuss it with us!

5. Where can the Findora Community learn more about Wetez?

Official website: visit our website to get a better idea of what we offer and the PoS chain of our services, with detailed tutorials on it to help you get a consistently high APY staking return.

Twitter: follow us on Twitter to get the latest project developments from Wetez and share your insights with us.

Medium: check out our Medium to learn more about PoS and get analysis of promising PoS projects.