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findora evm staking mainnet ecosystem fund grants
findora evm staking mainnet ecosystem fund grants


👷 Hackathon

Findora Virtual Hackathon on Gitcoin

The first-ever hackathon on the Findora blockchain officially kicked off on October 29th and will run for five weeks, concluding with a demo day on December 09th.

Titled “🍂 Falling for DeFi on Findora 💟,” the hackathon is hosted virtually on the Gitcoin platform, focusing on DeFi and EVM compatibility on Findora’s Anvil Testnet. Interested participants can still register.

There are three tracks to choose from:

  • Liquidity Track
  • Tools Track
  • Cryptography Track

All 🍂 Falling for DeFi on Findora 💟 can be found here. Still have questions? The Findora Discord is the place for all hackathon discussions.

📢 Protocol Updates & Releases

Staking Now Live on Mainnet Beta & Stage 2 Frontier Campaign on Anvil

After three-plus months of adversarial and stability testing on Findora Anvil Testnet, staking and delegation is now live on Findora Mainnet Beta through the release of Findora v0.2.0.

Validators on Findora Mainnet Beta can contribute to consensus, participate in future governance, and act as stewards of the organic evolution of the Findora public network. Validators also earn rewards for their efforts.

FRA token holders can also choose to delegate their stake directly to other validators to support the public network without technically running a validator. Delegators can download the Findora desktop wallet to stake their FRA tokens directly.

Staking Stage 2 Frontier Campaign

To help validators and delegators better understand Findora’s staking model and rewards mechanism, the second stage of Frontier Campaign was launched with 1,000,000 FRA rewards, not only for validators to spin up a node server but also for delegators. There are also bug & blog bounties for all the creatives and enthusiasts in the community.

Stage 2 Frontier Campaign is still open for registration, if you are interested in running a node or delegating on the mainnet, you are strongly recommended to register and learn about the process on Anvil testnet first.

Findora EVM on Forge Testnet

Deployed on Findora Devnet at the end of September, Findora EVM now makes the move to Findora ForgeTestnet. But not before becoming a major hit with the Findora community of developers first: devs in the Findora community have prototyped quite a few demo projects including Uniswap v2, CryptoKitties and Loot by simply changing the rpc endpoints. Huge shoutout to the endeavor and talent of this community for expanding Ethereum DeFi and metaverse to the Findora blockchain while providing great user experience leveraging Findora’s fast finality and low gas fee

With so many different blockchain projects for developers to build upon, Findora stands out as having a purpose rooted in the spirit of the original cypherpunks to promote selective transparency using advanced cryptography.

📺 Media and Events

Always getting the word out about Findora, and there was no shortage of appearances in October.

 — — — — —

Findora x Cointelegraph

Sadly, there are several reasons why the blockchain community has fallen short in making [selective transparency] a tier-one priority, and that must be changed.”

Discreet Labs’ VP of Product, Warren Paul Anderson, penned this widely-read and widely-shared article on how the crypto industry made one glaring omission since Satoshi’s original whitepaper.

 — — — — —

Crypto Current Podcast, Episode 218

Warren joined host Richard Carthon for a broad discussion on Findora and zero-knowledge.

🧑‍🌾 Ecosystem Contributors

Discreet Labs continued its recent growth with the addition of Ching-Hua Kuo, Head of Ecosystems Engineering and Lead Solidity Developer. He will be leading the Solidity development engineering efforts.

He has extensive experience leading EVM and Solidity development teams on forking and building various Dapps (most recently leading development on the Thundercore blockchain) — like Automated Marketing Makers (AMMs), lending protocols, and stablecoin swaps.

We’re excited to have him on the team!

 🙌 Discreet Labs and Findora Foundation are Hiring!

Findora Foundation and Findora ecosystem developers, including Discreet Labs, are hiring now for many positions available in areas such as Engineering, Community, and Marketing.

🔮 Looking Ahead

Discreet Labs continues making the rounds on the blockchain circuit, talking all things zero-knowledge and, of course, Findora. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter and wherever you get your Findora news for links to all these conversations and videos!

About Findora

Findora is a public blockchain with selective transparency and full EVM compatibility. Originally conceptualized as a university cryptography research project in 2017 and finally launched to the public in 2021, Findora utilizes the latest breakthroughs in zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation to allow users selective data transparency with selective auditability. For more information, please visit

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