Findora Virtual Hackathon on Gitcoin

Findora Virtual Hackathon on Gitcoin

Developers can earn a share of $50,000 in total prizes and be some of the first to build on Findora EVM

October 21, 2021 — The Findora Foundation is excited to announce “🍂 Falling for DeFi on Findora 💟,” the first-ever hackathon on the Findora blockchain. It will be hosted virtually on the Gitcoin platform over the course of five weeks, with a focus on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and the recently-announced Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility on Findora’s Anvil Testnet. Interested participants can register now.

Starting on Friday, October 29 and concluding with a demo day on Thursday, December 09, teams and individual developers alike will have five weeks to build and deploy EVM-compatible dApps on Findora, a low-cost, scalable layer one blockchain with selective transparency through zk.

Participants can choose from three different tracks:

  • Liquidity Track — Port a popular DApp and/or NFT platform using Findora EVM. Add your favorite protocol to increase yield and enhance liquidity.
  • Tools Track — Bring your favorite existing tools, build new tools, enhance libraries, write documentation — and do it all to improve the developer experience for yourself and everyone else.
  • Cryptography Track — Design and execute tools using selective on-chain transparency and auditing using Findora zero-knowledge proofs — Zei and Bulletproofs cryptographic libraries. Help bring unlock zk for DeFi!

Full track details can be found at

The 🍂 Falling for DeFi on Findora 💟 Hackathon judges will be announced next week. Their criteria for judging will be based on: Execution, Creativity, Design, and Impact.

Teams behind the winning DApps built during the hackathon will be invited to apply for a Findora Developer grant to accelerate their development and growth.

🍁 Be sure to join the Findora Discord for all hackathon discussions 🍂