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blockchain privacy | Validator Name & Avatar | Video & Podcast Appearances | and More!


  • 🔬 website — including Grants application form — is now live!
  • 🛠️ Validator name & avatar now displayed on the validator analytics dashboard
  • 📺 Findora Advisor, Dr. Whitfield Diffie, on the COINS Podcast
  • 📢 Discreet Labs’ VP of Product, Warren Paul Anderson, spoke here & here & also here
  • 👀 Coming up

🔬 Research & Design Update

Findora Foundation’s New Site is Now Live

The Findora Foundation supports the core platform development of Findora and envisions a new financial infrastructure that services everyone with full interoperability, native privacy, transparency and compliance. You can now check its latest research and projects at Findora.Foundation.

Aiming at curating an ecosystem of technologies, services, and partners that support the developers who build on the Findora network, Findora Foundation has also rolled out its $5M grant program to enable devs to focus on building a great user experience with privacy. Apply now for one of our open project grants listed below — or create a new grant proposal of your own.

blockchain privacy also has an updated hero image. Check it out below.


📢 Protocol Updates & Releases

New Features on Node Analytics Page

An upgrade has been implemented on the Validator Analytics page — validator name & avatar is now displayed directly on the dashboard. This will provide both validators and delegators with more intuitive staking experience. You can spot those validators (at first glance) who are also the most active members on our discord channel. If you are a delegator, pay attention to those super-engaging node-operators as this not only demonstrates familiarity with the code but also signals commitment and reliability to their delegators.

The validator community has demonstrated organic growth and the ethos of community- we truly appreciate all the coordination around network reset on Anvil testnet. We decided to cap the number of validators participating in the Findora Frontier program on Anvil to 75, in order to allow space before hitting Tendermint’s upper bound threshold of 100–125 validators. Despite this, there seems to be over 130 validators live on Anvil per the block explorer! Nothing showcases demand quite like exceeding capacity 😀


📺 Media and Events

The Findora community is getting the word out.

COINS Podcast Ep2 featuring Findora Advisor Dr. Whitfield Diffie

Featured in the second episode of the Coins Podcast documentary, Findora Advisor Dr. Whitfield Diffie, provided a lot of insight on the evolution of privacy (or lack-thereof). Check out the Coins Podcast series here.

“I think there’s no chance of us having secure private conversations unless there’s something that takes it out of the hands of large players like Apple.”

REIMAGINE v10.0 #46 featuring Warren Paul Anderson

Discreet Labs VP of Product Warren Paul Warren was invited to REIMAGINE V10.0: “Tenth Anniversary Edition” (the world’s largest blockchain education event with a network of 100+ universities and partners) as an industry leader to share his crypto journey, product management insights, and how Findora differentiates itself w/ cutting edge zkp and mpc tools.

“Our base use case / value proposition is around privacy because we are really passionate about that — we adhere to the cypherpunk manifesto of building more privacy for digital society.”

MPC Digital Wallet & Privacy Protection Panel

Discreet Labs’ VP of Product, Warren Paul Anderson, took part in MPC21 to discuss digital wallets, Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and the right to privacy on blockchain. He was joined on the panel by Ricardo Correia, Michael Sung, and moderator Aly Madhavji.

Discretion Episode #4 : Crypto Provision Episode & Latest Update on Anvil Testnet

Discretion is a bi-weekly podcast by Discreet Labs in which its VP of Product, Warren Paul Anderson, delivers the latest news from the team, including product updates and developments, community updates, events, and commentary about the state of blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi). Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

In the latest episode, Warren shares his insight on the Crypto Tax Provision in the U.S. infrastructure bill; also the latest update on Anvil testnet & Frontier program.


🧑‍🌾 Ecosystem Contributors

In August, the Discreet Labs team welcomed Cory A. Ross as new Head of Marketing. Based in New Brunswick, Canada, Cory is a graduate of Vancouver Film School where he studied creative writing for film & TV. Cory brings a wealth of professional experience and great industry insight from prior roles including Head of Marketing for Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association, which managed an assortment of brands focused on crypto gaming, streaming, NFTs, lotteries, and sports betting.

🙌 Discreet Labs and Findora Foundation are Hiring!

Findora Foundation and its ecosystem developers, including Discreet Labs, are hiring now for many positions available in areas such as Engineering, Community, and Marketing.


🔮 Looking Ahead

Discreet Labs has been making the rounds on the blockchain circuit, talking all things programmable privacy and, of course, Findora. Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter and wherever you get your Findora news for links to all these conversations and videos!


About Findora

Findora is a public blockchain with programmable privacy. Originally conceptualized as a university cryptography research project in 2017, and finally launched to the public in 2021, Findora utilizes the latest breakthroughs in zero-knowledge proofs and multi-party computation, to allow users transactional privacy with selective auditability. For more information, please visit

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