Findora Wins Fortress Cyber Security Award 2021

Findora Wins Fortress Cyber Security Award 2021

Findora Foundation and Discreet Labs are proud to reveal that the Business Intelligence Group has awarded Findora the 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the ‘Blockchain’ category. This industry awards program was established to seek out best-in-class products around the world that are “working to keep our data and electronic assets safe among a growing threat from hackers.”

The Business Intelligence Group is dedicated to recognizing “true talent and superior performance” in various business and technology sectors, with award categories that are judged by carefully selected expert panels. The organization uses a proprietary and unique scoring system that selectively measures performance across multiple domains and rewards “those whose achievements stand above those of their peers”.

Security is one of the most important considerations when creating modern solutions which work with sensitive user data. Winning this award is a validation of all the hard work that everybody behind the project has been putting in to make sure that users can feel secure in using Findora. It also supports the goal of boosting the reputation of the blockchain space overall and bringing more positive attention from the wider community. 

Findora is a novel blockchain-based solution which enables users to safely store and share cryptographically verifiable ‘zero-knowledge’ proofs on the Findora blockchain using asymmetric-key encryption, without having to worry about any of their data being exposed or stolen by third parties. These proofs can be used by one party to prove the authenticity of certain claims about data to another, without needing to reveal the data itself. This can be used for claims about data values, as well as user identification.

As part of the Findora teams’ dedication to maintaining the utmost security throughout our code and operational models, Findora is regularly submitted to third parties for appraisal. Just this year, Findora has been through two rigorous security audits. The most recent of these was conducted by award-winning, industry-leading blockchain security firm Halborn which performed a full manual code-review which concluded there to be no critical vulnerabilities in the Findora codebase and that the zero-knowledge proof implementations were highly crack-resistant. The results of this code audit were published in March 2021.

This award win is not only a reason for celebration, but also a reminder to keep security at the forefront of our ongoing development – and to maintain the highest standards going forward.