Meet Mike Lin, Senior Product Manager at Findora Foundation

Meet Mike Lin, Senior Product Manager at Findora Foundation

Today we present to you the fourth edition of our Meet The Team series in which we take a look at some of the star contributors who make the Findora project a reality. In this week’s edition of ‘Meet The Team’ we feature Mike Lin, our Senior Product Manager whose role fits somewhere between the Engineering, Business and Community Growth areas of the Findora Foundation.

The product team at Findora Foundation is composed of colleagues possessing a unique combination of expertise, experience and professional skill sets. Acting in a leadership capacity within this division, Mike is no different and has delivered immediate, noticeable, and lasting impact to the organization since joining.

Mike’s Profile

Based in San Francisco, California, USA: Mike Lin is a Senior Product Manager at Findora Foundation,  and brings with him nearly two decades of professional experience in the technology, finance and SaaS sectors. His two foremost areas of expertise include engineering and business development, which are backed up by an impressive portfolio of companies, projects and achievements

Before starting his career, Mike studied at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he achieved a Master of Business Administration (MBA) certification, more commonly referred to by the acronym ‘MBA’. Prior to that he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (BS. Computer Science) from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Before he came to work with us at Findora, Mike worked on the product management team at Lumeos Network, which he also co-founded back in early 2018. Lumeos Network is the team behind the Lumeos Data Wallet, a B2C mobile app which Mike helped to develop into a product with over 10,000 end-users including consumers, publishers, data brokers and other data management platforms.

The Lumeos Data Wallet was a blockchain-based data management platform (DMP) that secured collected data, audited data access and compensated users when upon 3rd party data access. By the end of the project, Lumeos Data Wallet had successfully collected over two million data points, collected from the aforementioned 10k-strong user base.

Stifel Financial Corp, a wealth management / brokerage and investment banking services provider for private and business customers, onboarded Lin into an Equity Research Associate role where he specialized in the tech sector in late 2012. Stifel Financial Corp is an investment advisory services provider which focuses on multiple industries.

Mike’s performed a support role at Stifel, producing research analytics to support capital investments for the portfolios of high value customers such as hedge fund clients. This included in-depth strategic insights and reports on technology trends, the competitive landscape in addition to product innovations.

Beyond his professional career, Mike Lin has achieved recognition in the wider blockchain development community and has won three community ‘Hackathon’ events: in 2018 he was part of the teams that claimed the prize from the EOSIO SF Hackathon and the WCEF Hackathon, and he was an active member on the winning team of the Capital One Hackathon in 2015.

In Conversation With Mike Lin

Mike’s Career, and Role At Findora Foundation

Why did you decide to take the job?

“Findora is a leader in the next-generation of blockchain technology with its innovative privacy layer (i.e. zksnarks) that can mask sensitive data on the blockchain. Enabling privacy on the blockchain will be a major break-thru event in the adoption of distributed ledger technology.”

What were you doing before you joined Findora?

“Co-founder of Lumeos, a data management platform built on the blockchain and the #9 ranked Dapp in 2019 (according to”

Who Is Mike Lin, Beyond The Professional?

Findora is a decentralized, global organization. Where are you based, Mike?

“San Francisco during non-pandemic times usually but I’ve also lived in Hong Kong and Shenzhen previously during my blockchain career.”

What is your favorite food?


Do you have a favorite hobby?

“I enjoy reading about technology and economics”

Please share with us your most admired tech company?


Meet The Team, A Blog Series

Meet The Team is a regular series that focuses on the team behind Findora who help to define us as one of the most innovative and exciting DeFi projects of 2021, along with our community, and the crypto community at large.

We are proud to have assembled a peerless team of blockchain heroes who each bring a diverse set of qualities, perspectives and capabilities to the table – both professionally and on a personal level. Likewise, we are delighted and grateful to have created such a strong product and positive culture that has led to their decision to work with us at Findora.

Whilst each of their colleagues has their own story to tell, they are all connected through a passion shared with Findora for decentralized finance technology which empowers enterprise users as well as enthusiasts and end-users using high-performance technologies including zero-knowledge proofs and rollups.