Findora Announces Token Unlocking Event

Findora Announces Token Unlocking Event

Findora is pleased to announce its TGE+1 (month) token unlocking event. As outlined in the public sale information and various other materials, the event will happen on May 05, 2021. A total of 1,785.8 million $FRA will be unlocked and distributed through this event. Upon completion, the total circulating supply will be 2,367.8 million $FRA.

  • A total of 2,367.8 million $FRA, or 11.26% of the total supply will be circulating after the TGE+1 (month) Token Unlocking Event (May 5th, 2021). A total of 2.89% has been circulating since the genesis event.
  • Of the 1,785.8 million $FRA released, 4.50% are allocated to Foundation Reserve and 3.88% are allocated to early purchasers.
Detailed info on Findora’s $FRA token allocation and economics can be found at



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