Findora and Taxa Unite to Produce Privacy-Preserving Development Tools for Web 3.0

Findora and Taxa Unite to Produce Privacy-Preserving Development Tools for Web 3.0

Findora Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Taxa Network, a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)-enabled middleware infrastructure for the development of complete privacy solutions of Web 3.0 interactive applications.

Taxa Network is a blockchain-agnostic infrastructure that offers tools for developers which are computationally powerful and featuring full data confidentiality leveraging the trusted hardware technology.

By integrating Taxa’s TEE-enabled global blockchain agnostic infrastructure with Findora’s ZKP powered SDKs and APIs and layer 1 native privacy-preserving infrastructure, Findora Foundation seeks to create new opportunities for developers to create a new generation of privacy-preserving transparency Web 3.0 dapps and services that can perform computational tasks far beyond the layer 1 virtual machine’s current capacity.

“We are excited to collaborate with Findora. Their vision of empowering the Web3 ecosystem with privacy-preserving computation resonates with us deeply. We are impressed by their strong background in cryptography and distributed systems. We can imagine a lot of tech discussions and academic research together with Findora in the future. Their commitment to put product and user experience first is also our principle.”— TF Guo, co-founder of Taxa

Findora is an interoperable platform that offers APIs and SDKs for layer 1 and layer 2 development that features zero-knowledge proofs, in addition to privacy-preservation through selective disclosure with auditability and transparency.

Findora and Taxa share a vision of creating a world in which blockchain technologies are interoperable, in addition to providing a privacy-preserving low-cost, and high-throughput alternative to overcome the resource-intensive data-siloing business culture.

 “Taxa is a leading project that offers developer-friendly TEE-enabled solutions to the pain point of many public blockchains. Findora is a privacy preserving Layer 1 protocol focusing on transactional privacy. As a middleware infrastructure, Taxa bridges the developability and usability gap between public blockchains and DApps with its Taxa’s high-performance, privacy-preserving, highly developable smart contract engine. Findora is excited to kick off the partnership with Taxa. We believe the combination of zero knowledge proof and TEE will bring lots of benefits to the Findora ecosystem.”—Matt Arney, Head of growth, Findora

Findora Foundation looks forward to collaborating with Taxa Network with the intention to add the privacy-preserving transparency of Findora to Taxa’s TEE-enabled middleware development environment.


About Taxa Network

Taxa Network is a privacy-preserving, computationally powerful, highly developable, blockchain agnostic middleware infrastructure. Designed with a layered architecture philosophy, and built with cutting edge trusted execution environment (TEE) technologies, Taxa aims at enabling the Web 3.0 apps to develop and thrive. With Taxa, developers are able to unlock whole new possibilities in privacy-centric, data-intensive, or computation-heavy scenarios in DeFi, NFT, gaming, AI/Machine Learning, etc.

To know more about Taxa, visit their Website, or connect on Telegram, Twitter, Discord and Medium.