Meet Young Yu, Senior Advisor at Findora Foundation

Meet Young Yu, Senior Advisor at Findora Foundation

We present to you the third edition of our Meet The Team series in which we are focusing on Young Yu, Senior Advisor to the Findora Foundation where he performs a strategic support role to the Foundation’s senior leadership team.

Meet The Team is a series that features articles of two halves, beginning with a professional profile of the featured subject and closing off with a short interview. Today’s article follows the first two issues where we profiled US Lead Engineer, Tanmay Bhattacharya – and episode one featured the Foundation’s Head of Growth, Matt Arney.

Young’s Profile

Young Yu is currently based in New York City, New York, USA. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in Economics and International Relations. He brings over two decades of experience in investment banking, corporate strategy, and private equity to his role at the Findora Foundation.

Young has been contributing to Findora since September of last year, and while a new entrant to the blockchain world, he is leveraging his insights and relationships from traditional finance to drive broader adoption of the Findora tools.

In particular, Young has held senior positions with major global players in the finance world, such as UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Ernst & Young. His experiences as an investment banker at these firms have enabled him to think strategically about some of the biggest challenges for his clients, which included many complicated and sophisticated financial institutions.

Following investment banking, Young was recruited by one of his private equity-backed clients to focus on growing the business through strategic partnerships and business combinations. He has since led corporate strategy, M&A, and investments for a number of other platforms, giving him a unique perspective of business operation from many different angles.

Furthermore, as traditional finance has evolved into open finance with an emphasis on technology, Young has evaluated many fintech situations, having explored direct investments in the sector for Fosun and led corporate strategy for CAIS, a ‘wealth-tech’ platform.

Young’s professional forte is in the definition, leadership and achievement of KPI-driven strategic growth initiatives, like…

  • Establishing strategic partnerships involving products or distribution that enhance the growth trajectory of financial and technology related businesses.
  • Identifying business combinations where “1+1 is greater than 2”.
  • Process engineering and establishment of ‘best practices’ in line with bespoke company and industry standards.
  • Creation, implementation and accomplishment of a strategic business roadmap
    Building and connecting teams that can work towards a common vision.

In Conversation With Young Yu

Young’s Career, and Role At Findora Foundation

Why did you decide to take the job?

“A world renowned investor once told me, the next generation of wealth and disruption will take place in blockchain (and marijuana).”

“Adoption of blockchain is arguably slower than expected in financial services. Findora may potentially resolve some of the obstacles that have prevented deeper adoption.”

What were you doing before you joined Findora?

“[I was an] investment banker for 16 years, led corporate development / strategy for different companies the past few years; most recently worked for CAIS, a fintech platform seeking to increase the use of alternatives products in the wealth management channel.”

Who Is Young Yu, Beyond The Professional?

Findora is a decentralized, global organization. Where are you based, Young?

“Born in Taipei, raised in Long Island, living in Chelsea (NYC).”

What is your favorite food?

“Italian / Pasta; specifically, from Bestia in Los Angeles or L’Artusi in New York.”

Do you have a favorite hobby?

“Basketball and weightlifting. More recently, tennis. Anything that minimizes waistline expansion.”

Please share with us your most admired tech company?

“Google – runs my life.”

Meet The Team, A Blog Series

Meet The Team is a regular series that focuses on the team behind Findora who help to define us as one of the most innovative and exciting DeFi projects of 2021, along with our community, and the crypto community at large.

We are proud to have assembled a peerless team of blockchain heroes who each bring a diverse set of qualities, perspectives and capabilities to the table – both professionally and on a personal level. Likewise, we are delighted and grateful to have created such a strong product and positive culture that has led to their decision to work with us at Findora.

Whilst each of their colleagues has their own story to tell, they are all connected through a passion shared with Findora for decentralized finance technology which empowers enterprise users as well as enthusiasts and end-users using high-performance technologies including zero-knowledge proofs and rollups.


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