Findora Newsletter #03 (March 2021)

Findora Newsletter #03 (March 2021)

Welcome to the March episode of Findora Newsletter, and the third issue released overall. Read on for the latest news from the team at Findora Foundation, one of the developers contributing to Findora network.

Editorial Note

The Findora Foundation is in top gear right now, having just released the first public Beta of the Findora Mainnet at the close of March 2021 and accelerating efforts across all departments of the organization to guarantee the success of all post-launch activities.

Mainnet Beta was received with praise from the community and we cannot thank you enough for your continued support. If you haven’t already, download and check out the newly released Findora Mainnet Wallet application which is now available on Windows and MacOS operating systems – and please also take a look at the user guide documentation. A block explorer was also revealed, which can be used by visiting

Senior Advisor Dr. Whitfield Diffie broadcast his congratulations to the Findora community in a video-message which you can view here. In this video, Dr. Diffie shares his thoughts on Findora and why it is a landmark moment for the world of cryptography.

Findora Foundation is also taking the opportunity to celebrate the release of its second successful code-security audit and report in which award-winning, third party auditing firm Halborn dove deep into the codebase that’s behind the Findora network platform. These audits ensure that security, which is of the utmost importance to the Findora project, can be guaranteed by the Foundation throughout all tools and functionality offered to partners and end-users. 

We can’t wait to share more about what we’ve been working on, so join us for this third edition of the Findora monthly newsletter and check out our website to learn more about Findora and receive the latest news, first.

– The Findora Foundation team

Official News Roundup and Announcements

#1: Mainnet Beta Launch

The launch of Mainnet Beta is the top story for this month’s edition of the monthly newsletter from Findora. It’s the first public version to be released, and exists alongside the ongoing testnet initiative which acts as a test-bed for new creations and experimentation from developers and partners using Findora ledger, its SDKs and its APIs.

Released to schedule within the Q1 2021 timeframe as-per all official announcements and communications, the Findora Mainnet Beta comprises of a reference wallet application and a full block explorer with documentation for the former available to read here: ‘wallet user guide’.

Findora wallet is self-custodial and allows users to send and receive $FRA utility tokens, whilst the block explorer enables users to browse all FRA transactions across the Findora blockchain network. Mainnet launch also included execution of the Findora $FRA Token Genesis Event (TGE)

This public Mainnet release represents one of the first milestones that have been and will continue to be surpassed by Findora with many more coming into view on the horizon. When combined with Zei cryptographic library and our JavaScript library, Findora can be used by developers who are building applications and tools for the next generation of DeFi on a decentralized global, open privacy finance network / platform.

Mainnet Beta offers the first glimpse of what is being created here at the Findora Foundation, so you should check it out. Our previously launched Forge testnet is also ongoing, and any developer interested in participating can sign up here.

Mainnet Beta – Links

#2: Dr. Whitfield Diffie Addresses Community Regarding Successful Mainnet Launch

Everybody on the team at Findora Foundation were thrilled to share in the celebrations with the Findora community upon release of the Mainnet Beta on March 30, 2021, and this included none other than Senior Advisor to the Foundation’s Advanced Research Center, Dr. Whitfield Diffie (inventor of Public / Asymmetric Key Encryption, and the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange).

Dr. Diffie spoke to the community in a direct address video-recording to share his thoughts on Mainnet Beta launch as well as his perspective on the Findora project as a whole. You may better know Dr. Whitfield Diffie through his recognition by bodies such as the Association for Computing Machinery / ACM (2015 Turing Award winner, 2021 Fellowship recipient) and and the US National Inventors Hall of Fame (to which he was inducted in 2011).

#3: Findora Passes Its Second Successful Security Audit 

Although it may not top the lists for most companies in the blockchain space, security is an defining aspect of cryptography that dates back to the ancient civilization (such as the Greek Empire), when it was used as a means of encrypting / decrypting highly sensitive data during times of war – hence the terminology ‘Byzantine Fault Tolerance’ and the ‘Byzantine Generals Problem’.

Along with cross-chain interoperability, global regulatory compliance, privacy-preservation and digital identity; security stands as one of the key defining pillars of Findora. As such the Foundation is proud to announce that its second commissioned security audit, conducted by award-winning firm Halborn, yielded successful results.

The results can be observed in the report, which was published a few days before the launch of the Mainnet Beta.

#4: ‘Meet The Team’ – New Blog Series Launched

‘Meet The Team’ is the latest addition to the Findora Foundation’s program of blog series and standalone articles, joining regularly scheduled programming on the blog such as DeFi Spotlight.

So far, we have released the first two episodes each of which focuses on profiling the careers of a different Foundation team member – as well as a conversation in which we get direct responses about their past and current skills and achievements in the contexts of their respective roles as Findora contributors.

The first of these articles was published March 26, 2021 and it features our Head of Growth, Matt Arney. Episode two came out April 7 and stars US Lead Engineer, Tanmay Bhattacharya.

About Findora

Findora is building a global decentralized financial network for the creation and use of confidential assets and smart contracts. The Findora blockchain achieves privacy-preserving transparency, operates with the best in class security features, and uses ZK-Rollup technology. Its flexible technology can also be used to replace enterprises’ current infrastructure or be deployed in the cloud as sub-networks (side-ledgers) – all interoperable with the public Findora blockchain.

Findora enables assets of any nature on its network – fiat, cryptocurrencies, equity, debt and derivatives. Its mission is to address the challenges that exist when supporting a wide spectrum of assets and diverse financial use cases, while providing confidentiality and retaining transparency.

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