Meet Matt Arney, Head of Growth at Findora Foundation

Meet Matt Arney, Head of Growth at Findora Foundation

Findora has been growing and evolving, particularly over the past year and a half with the successful conclusion of Testnet as well as our public sale. Achieving these milestones has been a collaborative effort from existing colleagues as well as new faces. We welcome Matt Arney and thank him for joining us for the first episode of this regular blog series.

Matt’s Profile

“My interest in crypto came about several years ago while searching for a fast and inexpensive way to pay my overseas contractors. My bank was charging a $45 wire fee to send small payments overseas and 3-4 days float time, and I thought, there has to be a better way. It’s my belief Findora and blockchain technology will help remove a lot of the waste and bureaucracy that exists in today’s financial industry.”Matt Arney

Matt Arney is one of our senior team members and plays an integral role in helping Findora to maintain consistent and transparent community engagement and growth, and is also one of those responsible for leading operations pertaining to how we spread the word about Findora. He has consistently gone above and beyond in proving his capabilities and passion for his work, so we’re truly grateful that Matt has identified Findora as a valuable output of his time, skills, and effort.

Prior to joining Findora, Matt Arney launched three successful international technology startups in Tokyo, Beijing and Shenzhen. Most recently he founded TranslateNow to fulfill the demand for enterprise localization services in Asia which he later sold to industry leader, TransPerfect.

Matt’s penchant for bringing people and projects together, along with his leadership skills, are aligned with the vision of Findora and is one of the reasons why he’s made an immediate and lasting impact for the Foundation.

In Conversation With Matt Arney

Matt’s Career and Role At Findora

Please describe your role at Findora as Head of Growth.

“As Head of Growth, my role involves a mix of marketing, product and sales tactics with the singular focus on improving our reach. Most days I work on developing partnerships, marketing and communications initiatives and trying to come up with new ways to keep us growing up and to the right.”

Why did you decide to take the job?

“I’m not sure anyone has ever said, ‘I love my bank’. It’s my belief that blockchain technology will disrupt finance and banking in similar ways that cloud computing has with the software business. In order for blockchain to be adopted by the masses, privacy and confidentiality must be addressed. Findora’s powerful Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography is a game changer – it gives users the option to mask sensitive data like dollar amounts, social security numbers and credit scores and keep it off the chain. It’s my belief that what we’re doing at Findora will help everyone one-day be chairman of their own personal bank.”

What were you doing before you joined Findora?

“Before Findora, I spent the past 15 years working in Asia in the enterprise language technology industry. Companies use enterprise language services when looking to expand their products or services for use in other countries. Most recently I founded and sold TranslateNow to the world’s largest language technology company, TransPerfect.”

Who Is Matt Arney, Beyond The Professional?

Findora is a decentralized, global organization. Where are you based, Matt?

“I live in a quiet town in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. I love the decentralized style the industry offers and the short commute to Findora’s Bay Area office.”

What is your favorite food, and why?

“My favorite food is shabu-shabu. I first learned about shabu-shabu while I was living and working in Osaka, Japan. It’s a great social meal where people cook paper-thin slices of beef, pork, tofu, vegetables and noodles over a boiling pot full of broth. The dish gets its name from the light swishing sound of the meat being cooked, swish-swish.”

Do you have a favorite hobby?

“My favorite hobby is mountain biking. I got into the sport through my kids while we were in covid-19 lockdown and looking for something safe to do. We’ve since traveled across the west coast pursuing the best trails. My favorite trail is in Downieville, CA, known to have the best downhill single track in the U.S. The “Downieville Downhill” consists of 14 miles of fast, rocky technical terrain that challenges mountain bikers from around the world.”

Please share with us your most admired tech company?

Panic is one of the tech companies I most admire. Back in the late 90s the Panic founders (Cabel and Steven) had a lucrative offer to sell to Apple but turned it down to pursue their passion for making Mac utility software and games. Not many people have ever turned down Steve Jobs, but Panic did and chose independence over financial rewards. Today, Panic is still independent, writing code and even jumping into the handheld game console business with PlayDate – check it out here:

Meet The Team, A Blog Series

Meet The Team is a regular series that focuses on the team behind Findora who help to define us as one of the most innovative and exciting DeFi projects of 2021, along with our community, and the crypto community at large.

We are proud to have assembled a peerless team of blockchain heroes who each bring a diverse set of qualities, perspectives and capabilities to the table – both professionally and on a personal level. Likewise, we are delighted and grateful to have created such a strong product and positive culture that has led to their decision to work with us at Findora.

Whilst each of their colleagues has their own story to tell, they are all connected through a passion shared with Findora for decentralized finance technology which empowers enterprise users as well as enthusiasts and end-users using high-performance technologies including zero-knowledge proofs and rollups.