Findora Newsletter #02 (February 2021)

Findora Newsletter #02 (February 2021)

We welcome you again to join us for the February edition of our monthly Findora newsletter, it’s great to see you again…

Partnerships are a prominent theme throughout this issue as we have announced a total of seven collaborative agreements with best-in-category partners over the month. One of these is BSN (Blockchain Service Network) based out of China, the state-backed decentralization project with whom we hosted a thought-provoking AMA session between Paul Sherer (Chief Director, Findora Foundation) and Henry Ma (Chief Architect of BSN) earlier this month. All of our new partners were identified by us to be breaking new ground whilst integrating Findora’s technology into a diverse range of industries such as food and hospitality, ride-hailing services and global payments.

We are also excited to reveal that we have been consistently continuing to grow the Findora family over the past few months. There are so many talented people in the crypto community and it has been a pleasure meeting all of our applicants, but at the same time we cannot discount the respective expertise and experience possessed by those who passed the recruitment process. This is because we are confident that each and every one of the new faces on the Findora team will make their own considerable impact on the journey to achieving our vision of creating an open and decentralized financial network with auditable data privacy features, based on zero-knowledge technology.

Also. For everyone who is anticipating the impending mainnet release, rest assured as our engineers are hard at work on making mainnet 1.0 the best that it can be in time for its scheduled release date, by the end of Q1 2021.

– The Findora Team.


Official News Roundup and Announcements

#1: Partnerships

This month we have announced seven new partnerships. These alliances will involve the integration of Findora’s concepts, technology and software with our new partners’ operations, further affirming the reputations they have earned as market-leading innovators within their respective sectors.

One of the most prolific and widely recognized out of the cooperative relationships that we have released this month is definitely the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), and we are proud to be a part of a project which shares our vision of connecting the world’s blockchains through a singular, unified blockchain ecosystem.

Follow the news blog on our website to learn about the latest Findora partnership agreements as soon as they are announced, as well as on our Twitter page and Telegram channels.

See below for a full list and descriptions of the new partners we have on-boarded this month from the earliest, to the most recently announced…


February 8, 2021: BSN

BSN (Blockchain Service Network) is a China based, state-backed project that was founded in April 2020. It is a cloud services network which seeks to connect the world’s blockchains through a unified ecosystem, providing a standardized development environment for blockchain developers.

As part of the agreement, Findora’s technologies will be deployed to the network infrastructure of BSN, which will integrate our its technologies through APIs and SDKs to offer Findora’s confidential-yet-auditable blockchain to its end-users. Our company’s have a highly compatible approach by focusing on interconnectivity, selective disclosure and transparency, and we look forward to forging the future of accessible and interoperable blockchain technology.

Yifan He, Executive Director of BSN Development Association and CEO of Red Date Technology, offered the following comment:

“Data privacy and protection of individual financial assets are critically important in a modern digital world. We are proud to attract partners like Findora that leverage blockchain technology in financial services to enable reliable data transactions and to protect privacy”

February 10, 2021: MoneyMoov

MoneyMoov is an electronic payment services company that provides peer-to-peer domestic and international mobile based payment services such as the movement of money and mobile commerce for end-users, as well as business and government clients.

Together, Findora and MoneyMoov will collaborate on creating secure financial transactions and enhancing data security. Protecting the identity of consumers will help position MoneyMoov as the ideal platform for global financial transaction and payment services.

Chairman and CEO of MooneyMoov, Andre Itwaru stated that:

“I believe that Findora is perfectly positioned to address some of the industry’s most significant challenges. Findora has the secret sauce with its focus on supporting the creation and distribution of digital asset tokens and utility tokens, along with its abilities to facilitate confidential, compliant financial transactions.”

February 15, 2021: Kabu

Kabu is a leading software development group which offers products spanning a range of sectors. One of the flagship products from Kabu is Kabu Ride, an easy-to-use app which combines ride-hailing services, public transit buses and other transportation options.

Findora’s interoperable network which features privacy with auditability will be implemented to bring cryptographic security to the data of Kabu’s end-users, such as personal identity and financial transactions. It will also take advantage of Findora’s revolutionary technology stack which includes verifiable delay functions and zero-knowledge proofs such as supersonics, PLONKS and bulletproofs.

According to Kabu-Ride Inc. President, Billy Xiong,

“This is another important step for Kabu to ensure the privacy of its customers and drivers using leading-edge technology,”  “Our loyal customers and professional drivers can now rest assured that our databases will be protected using Findora’s breakthrough technology.”

February 17, 2021: IOT Pay

IOT Pay is a market-leader in omnichannel payment solutions in the North America region, with products tailored to offer a wide selection of payment methods for merchants and customers to send and receive payments. Domestically and across borders.

Together, Findora and IOT Pay will collaborate on creating secure financial transactions and enhancing data security. Protecting the identities of merchants and consumers will help position IOT Pay as the ideal platform for global financial transactions and payment services.

Leo Chen, CEO and founder at IOT Pay commented:

“As a cross border mobile payments and e-commerce solution leader, enabling merchants to accept Omnichannel payments in-store and online on a global scale, we’ve long been searching for the right cutting edge solutions to integrate into our product. We’re excited to utilize the Findora platform to serve our customers in new ways to improve data privacy, transaction efficiency, while also allowing for auditability.”

February 19, 2021: YouWorld

YouWorld is a burgeoning fintech solution that enables native payment and currency exchanges via gift cards. In other words, it enables merchants to provide payment options to customers through mobile devices via mobile wallets and prepaid gift cards.

As a sub-sector within the wider finance industry, this partnership offers the perfect opportunity for a payments-provider to be a part of the next-generation financial revolution by applying Findora’s ground-breaking, purpose-built blockchain technology.

Bo Wang is the Founder and CEO at YouWorld, had the following to say,

“As a business that connects to both global users of mobile wallets and retailers who need assurance on secure transactions, entering a partnership with a leading blockchain solution will alter the trajectory of our product in a meaningful way. It will enhance our platform’s security, shorten transaction times, and meet compliance and audit requirements while maintaining our scalability. We’re excited about the value Findora will add to the experience of our clients and shoppers.”

February 24, 2021: Bayes

Bayes Electronic Technology was co-founded by several renowned experts who have been engaged in the development of integrated circuit EDA design software in the semiconductor industry for decades. The company specializes in providing a leading intelligent analog integrated circuit EDA design platform and technical services for semiconductor chip companies and foundries. It aims to create a cloud-based smart EDA toolchain to achieve efficient simulation and effective reuse of IP.

Applying Findora’s leading-edge Blockchain and Zero-Knowledge-Proof (ZKP) technology is one of many ways that Bayes is fortifying its reputation as a pioneer and revolutionizing the Analog EDA and IP business.

Dr. William Yi, CMO of Bayes, gave the following statement on the collaboration:

“Bayes will be focusing on the ML-based synthesizer and simulator tools while leaving the IPs database’s distribution and authentication to be managed by Findora. This will also help to secure the dynamic storage and sharing of IP. The ultimate goal of our EDA tool suite is to make the analog design more efficient and scalable and the IP synthesizable and portable. Our vision is to create a new ecosystem for the wide adoption of our leading-edge analog EDA tool suite and IP,”

February 26, 2021: Citcon

A leader in the payments sector and an “all-in-one” global payments gateway, Citcon is a provider of end-to-end omnichannel support for online and in-store merchant payments whilst offering one of the broadest ranges of app-enabled QR code-based payment solutions and third-party POS and eCommerce system integrations on the market.

Citcon operates a credit card and debit card processing business, and the company’s services are currently used by many high-profile retail and e-commerce clients in fashion, retail, global transportation, entertainment, food and beverage sections.

Findora and Citcon have agreed to explore the future potential usage scenarios in privacy transactions in the global cross-border payment industry together, using Findora’s zero-knowledge ledger, in addition to technologies such as verifiable delay functions and advanced zk-proofs such as supersonics, bulletproofs and PLONKs.

Chuck Huang, Founder and CEO at Citcon stated that

“Citcon offers payment solutions to scale and grow businesses of all sizes, and core to Citcon’s forward-looking strategy is to develop solutions that can support blockchain applications and enhancing transaction privacy for our customers worldwide. We’re eager to work with Findora through this MOU relationship which could help us to achieve the goal as they aim to be one of the fastest, most secure, and auditable networks in the blockchain space to diversify our offerings.”


#2: Findora Research Grants Program a Success

Research Grant Program

As of writing, we have awarded several projects with grants as part of our ‘Research Grants Program’. The research submitted by winning applicants ranges from subjects such as consensus mechanisms and anonymous credentials to zero-knowledge systems.

The Findora Research Grants Program is currently accepting proposals still, so apply now for a chance of receiving incentives of up to $2million. We look forward to meeting our next batch of winners!


#3: New Weekly Blog Feature Launched! ‘DeFi Spotlight’

We have started a new feature series on our website blog called the ‘DeFi Spotlight’. In the ‘spotlight’ series we identify a different startup project each week which is doing something innovative, groundbreaking, or disruptive within their individual niches.

You can read the first two articles in the series right now, which focus on ‘Frontier’ and ‘Unifi Protocol’, respectively.


About Findora

Findora is building a global decentralized financial network for the creation and use of confidential assets and smart contracts. The Findora blockchain achieves privacy-preserving transparency, operates with the best in class security features, and uses ZK-Rollup technology. Its flexible technology can also be used to replace enterprises’ current infrastructure or be deployed in the cloud as sub-networks (side-ledgers) – all interoperable with the public Findora blockchain.

Findora enables assets of any nature on its network – fiat, cryptocurrencies, equity, debt and derivatives. Its mission is to address the challenges that exist when supporting a wide spectrum of assets and diverse financial use cases, while providing confidentiality and retaining transparency.

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